10 Software Development Trends That Are Becoming Industry Standards

Nov 11
software development trends

Software development trends often change the way that the industry works. Once something has become popular enough, the industry at large sees the potential value and adopts it as common practice. This is how many of the common trends and paradigm shifts happened for technology-based industries. The software development industry is full of trends and may be on its way to seeing other major changes. In this article, we discuss some of the latest software development trends that are becoming industry standards. 

DIY Platforms

More and more web-based platforms are moving toward a DIY system where you can create websites and web apps yourself. Platforms like Shopify use a drag and drop system that lets users position elements on pages and build websites themselves. Perhaps the biggest benefit of these systems is that it reduces the barrier to entry for users. There is less of a need to seek the help of a design and development agency to get started, although getting help for more complex system designs is still common. Many companies are taking advantage of this to grow their user bases by making it very easy to create a functional and efficient product of their own design. 

In the future, this will likely be the standard for development for basic design projects. Being able to build something quickly to get started means that there will be more websites, more businesses, and more people involved in e-commerce. It won’t replace the need for agencies to help with complex work, making it a great option for everyone involved in the industry. 


More advanced developments, like home automation, are not possible without APIs. APIs let systems build on existing technologies so that they can communicate with each other and work together. A company that builds a device that interacts with others can make an API for that device available. Any other company that wants to work with that project can use that API to develop a compatible system. This is how we get products that work well together, like Bluetooth headphones and cell phones. 

APIs will become increasingly more important as technology becomes more integrated. The ability to connect devices together is important for many people and can be a major benefit for companies developing new technologies. As a result, the number of companies developing and using APIs for their products should increase. 

Cross-Functional Team Development

The development of software is moving further outside of the technology industry. Every new development project requires input from other departments, such as legal and sales. These departments will become increasingly more involved in the development process rather than just being involved in the end.

For development teams, this means more cross-department collaboration at every stage of the development process. It can reduce the number of problems and late project changes that need to be made since these other teams were not consulted from the beginning. 

Mobile-First Designs

Mobile devices are the leading type of device to access the internet. Because of this, most people shop, communicate and consume content online. The latest tech for development is focusing on mobile devices first and using responsive systems to accommodate any device. 

Mobile devices require specific design ideas to make them more effective. Designers are taking this into account and working on those design systems first. Then, they try to fit other types of devices and systems into the overall design. This ensures that websites and web apps work on mobile devices and give users the best experience possible. 

Cloud Services for Ecommerce

Cloud services are proving to be critical to all industries. The ability to share information anywhere in the world is a major advantage for businesses. It makes their technology far more effective at processing data and makes it possible to operate nearly anywhere. Ecommerce systems are using this to their advantage to serve customers anytime and anywhere. 

As cloud services become more secure, eCommerce platforms are using cloud services more and more to extend their reach to other areas. This has the potential to give companies the ability to localize their websites for different regions around the world and deliver content that is important for consumers in those areas. With more development, eCommerce and cloud services could revolutionize how companies manage businesses around the world. 

Partnering with Development Agencies

Working with digital design and development agencies is a trend that is coming back into style. The move toward DIY and in-house development led to a lot of great technologies, but companies are finding that there is still a lot of benefit in working with a design agency. At KitelyTech, we have the resources and the skills to help you develop any digital systems that your company needs. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your next project with our team to see how we can help you create the systems that your company needs to thrive.

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