10 Things to Discuss Before Hiring a Web Development Company in Austin

Sep 26
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If selecting the right web development agency for your business and brand were easy, every business, regardless of size, would have websites that were pure perfection. Truth is, finding a great web development agency in Austin that will fit your business’s need can be exhausting. It’s important that business owners ask the right questions and discuss pertinent issues before agreeing to hire a web developer.

Variables Businesses Should Consider When Vetting a Web Development Agency

Finding your ideal Austin website development agency requires research. After all, your company website will be the virtual home of your business and, as such, the first impression many people will have of your brand. Make your decision wisely by looking for these traits in your web developer.

1. Do they have experience building websites other businesses in your industry?

No two web developers are the same. They will have different experiences, preferred methods of operation, etcetera. Hiring a web developer who has experience working with businesses in your industry is a huge positive for your brand. They will be able to offer helpful recommendations on user experience, the architecture of your website, and even content. Having a web development agency who has built websites for companies in your industry will put your brand ahead of the competition because they’ll be able to include the best SEO strategies for your brand into your website.

2. How big or small is the web development team and will any parts of your website project be outsourced?

When it comes to website development and your company’s individual needs, size really does matter. Smaller web development teams may need to outsource certain aspects of your project, like web design. You need to know which, if any portion of your website development project will be outsourced, to whom, will this be included in the costs, and how will it affect scheduling. Your company’s website is your company’s online headquarters and you will want to know who third-party actors are and review their portfolio.

3. What is their process for web design and web development?

The best web development agencies in Austin have developed and perfected tried and true methods, guides, and strategies for completing various projects. Your web developer will be able to tell you what the process is, how it will be implemented, and how it will benefit your project.

4. Will the web developer build your website using a template or will it be fully customized?

Having a custom-built website means that the web developer hand coded your website. A template is a pre-made base for building a website. A hand-coded website will have a unique design and will be able to adapt to your business’s growth. A template-made website limits what can be done with website design and it may not be responsive to all devices. You need to know which type of website development you want, need, and will be paying for.

5. Will they use responsive web design?

Custom web development is vital to every single business, as it ensures customers can access your website on any device. Mobile websites also rank higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. Many websites built with templates are not optimized for mobile. Also run away from any website developer who tries to convince you to have a separate mobile website built, instead of building a fully responsive website. It’s 2019, not 2009.

6. Which content management systems are they experienced working with and do they recommend a specific CMS?

A particular web development agency may have a preference for one content management system over another. But it’s important that they are familiar with the many CMS’s that are available and can help you understand the pros and cons of each one. Once you have decided which CMS would be best for your company and team, since your company will be using it, the web developer should be knowledgeable enough to train you and your team on its use.

7. Will the web developer build your website for search engine optimization?

SEO used to be incredibly technical. Now, SEO is about making your website user-friendly, high quality content that is relevant to online searchers. Ask your web developer how they plan on implementing SEO best practices.

8. How does the web development agency test for quality control and user experience?

Before your website is launched, it’s imperative that your web developer performs quality control checks to ensure user-friendliness, responsiveness, website speed, and more. A top web development agency will have a solid plan for QA testing.

9. What services are included in your price?

Each Austin web development company will be different and therefore will offer different services and pricing. Understand what is included in the pricing of your web development project. What services will you be getting and what, if any, will they charge extra for? Will they be able to include everything you need within the scope of your budget? Make sure you let the developer know your budget before signing any type of contract.

10. Will you own your website after completion?

All too often, a company will become excited about the prospect of having a beautiful website to compliment their business, but they forget one vital piece to the puzzle: who owns the website? When we say “own” we mean the source code. If your relationship with your web developer should end, for whatever reason, you want to be able to make necessary changes to your website in the future. Having ownership of all the source files is especially important if you plan on having your own in-house web development and design teams. These files include login credentials for your host server, Photoshop and Illustrator files, and more.

There are a lot of things to consider when hiring the best web development agency in Austin for your business. And these are but a few things to consider. You want to make sure you discuss with your potential partner in your website development all of your business needs and concerns. Call KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 today for more information.

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