How These 10 Trends are Influencing the Landscape of Web Application Development In 2020

Apr 11
Web Application Development In 2020

Now that we have stepped into a new decade, it might be a good time to re-examine how we as business owners influence and communicate with our audiences. When the internet first became easily accessible for everyone, its information and content were accessible on laptops and desktop computers. As time marched on, and with the development of the smartphone, more people were given access to information and products that they would not have had before. Now, people access information using all of the above. Some combination of smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets can be found in every household. Taking this into consideration, it is a good time to learn about web application development using these ten trends as inspiration for reaching out to potential customers.

Voice as a Tool

Statistics and studies have shown that the use of a voice directed search (such as Alexa or Google Assistant) have grown over four times in the last year. Google performed their own study, which indicated that over 20% of web searches were completed using voice search. The introduction of voice-based web searches will end wasting time searching for information. This allows customers to easily and accurately access the information and products they need. The developments in web application accessibility (especially voice-based) have become incredibly knowledgeable.

Advances in Chatbots

Chatbots have been helping companies for over ten years now. It has been predicted that by the end of 2020, over 80% of customer interactions with companies will be completed through a bot. The development of these online helpers have been huge over the last few years. They are now used in everything from customer service to translation to checkout and returns.

Increased Speed of Web Applications

To provide searchers and information seekers with the best and most complete experience, it has been recommended that web pages load in under 5 seconds (with 3 seconds being ideal). When we look at the speeds we used to utilize (such as 3G), the speeds of today seem startlingly fast.

Encouraging Efficiency with API First Design

API first designs allow for the team at the start (or front) to function efficiently and effectively, without having to wait for the back-end developers. If developers start from a rough, or ineffective point, it could be inefficient for both users and developers. To work with an API First mindset, encourage design and testing simultaneously, and then work on web app development.

Engaging Content Using Motion

As the speed of accessibility of web applications increases, and the ability to source information from anywhere is on the rise, it is only fair to expect attention spans and patience to drop. Experts have estimated that the human attention span has dipped to a mere 8 seconds. Motion UI is a method of information sharing that tells a story to viewers through moving slides and user interaction. By increasing user engagement, you can ensure that potential customers spend more time on your page, and more thoroughly examine what you have to offer them.

Website Design Using Modules

Many of the items we use in our daily lives, including computers, education and even cameras use modules. The idea of many separate units, or “modules” come together to create a functional unit is not new by any means. Module websites differ from templates, in that their components can be reused and rearranged to create web applications. This helps to display and offer information in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Mobile Friendly Web

Almost everyone nowadays has a computer in their pocket. The introduction of the smartphone has ensured that everyone has internet access at all times, anywhere they go. This is why it is so important to ensure that your web design is not only mobile accessible, but mobile friendly. The use of keywords has been implemented by companies big and small all over the world to increase client base, and customer turnover.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used more and more by programs that are “low-code”. It is expected that in 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) will be in use more than ever before to accurately predict user involvement and provide them with the best recommendations.

Using Data Ethically

In collecting and using people’s data, there is a huge responsibility to keep it safe. In 2020, users want to better understand how their information is being used, and how it will be processed and stored. Following the scandals in previous years regarding user data, it has become more important than ever to handle data collection and storage in an ethical manner.

Ads to Continue

With advertisements running rampant on the internet these days, it is to be expected that online shoppers and information seekers will become somewhat immune to them. 2020 is being predicted as the year in which advertisers seek out online users to market items, without disrupting the user’s experience.

Web application development services are becoming more popular and more affordable for small, online business owners. Employing web app developers diverse skills may be the boost your business needs to convert customers and generate sales. The trends we have explored above are something to be considered when trying to build your business as well! We are at the start of a brand new, exciting decade. Take the chance and invest in you and your company to see the best returns yet – contact KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 today to learn what our web app developers can do for your business.

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