3 Effective Steps To Bring Your Business Seasonal SEO Success

May 14
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We often think of SEO as a long-term strategy (which it is!), but seasonal SEO is also a valid goal worth optimizing. If you’re wondering what exactly seasonal SEO is, and how you can successfully implement it into your business strategy, then keep reading for tips from KitelyTech as a top SEO agency in Chicago.

What is seasonal SEO?

If your business has already implemented an SEO strategy, then you’ll be fully aware of the importance of understanding your audience, and what they search for online when they are looking for your service or product. With that knowledge, you are able to create content that answers all of their queries in the most comprehensive way possible.

There are keywords that will be searched year-round, which are important as they form the basis of your long-term strategy. However, there is also a second layer of SEO, which will allow you to connect even further with your audience. This involves understanding how search terms and keywords change throughout the year.

For example, when the Easter season hits, terms including “Easter eggs,” “bunnies” and “spring” skyrocket. Whereas in summer, it’s all about diets, swimwear, and fresh foods. The strategy of seasonal SEO is tailoring your SEO strategy to a particular season and the various trends associated with it.

So, now that we know what seasonal SEO is, it’s time to consider how you can implement it using the following three recommended methods:

1. Identity the intent of seasonal shoppers

Keyword research is the first sign of any SEO strategy. Find out what your audience is searching for during the specific season you are targeting.

For example, during the Easter holidays, there is a large rise in the number of people searching for “Easter eggs”, or “Easter gifts”. It’s also important to bring the holidays into your already successful existing keywords. For example, if your normal long-tail keyword was “gifts for mum”, you could change it to “Easter gifts for mum”.

2. Timing is everything

In addition to finding the right keywords, it’s important for these keywords to rank when people are actually searching for them. This means you need to map out your publishing schedule. Make note of when people start searching for particular terms and use this to your advantage.

A classic example of this is the Christmas holidays. During the winter season there are several key dates that bring specific types of searches such as Black Friday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. As a result, you need to start producing content with seasonal themes at the beginning of October in order for it to be visible for the holidays.

3. Cover all of your online properties

Once you’ve got a content plan in place, you should follow it according to the established schedule. Create your content and publish it at the right time. You should also make sure it’s shared on all your social media platforms and email. Don’t neglect your website either. Remember to optimize your full website for the particular season you are targeting. Create new landing pages, update the layout for the holidays and customize your calls to action.

Use your analytics to your advantage to see when traffic peaks and consider how the time of year and other events surrounding that time of year could be a contributing factor in this rise. Additionally, it’s also important to look back on your performance to see what topics worked well and what topics didn’t. This will allow you to adjust as necessary and implement a successful seasonal SEO strategy each year.

Follow all these steps and get your timing right and you’ll be on the road to seasonal SEO success throughout all the important seasons during the year.

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