15 Jan 2019

3 Strategies For eCommerce Growth And Sales (using new technologies)

We simply can’t deny that digital marketing has become an integral part of day-to-day business success. There is no escaping it. Therefore, those companies that decide to invest in building a strong online presence are much more likely to expand and grow than those who are stuck in the traditional “bricks and mortar” mentality.

Consider the statistics: 2017 saw an increase of 13% in eCommerce sales over the previous year. This is expected to grow even further by 2022.

So, if you don’t want to get left behind, then it’s time to get in touch with a top quality web development company in Chicago. We have three major tips for you to grow your eCommerce sales and strategy using new technologies.


1. Make use of blockchain to redesign supply-chain economics

There is no denying the greatness and powerful nature of blockchain. Unique value offerings and technology should be the core of your overall strategy. If we consider the company “SHOP”, they provide a great example of how to leverage this technology to their advantage and provide something new.

It’s a blockchain-based retail platform that uses new technologies to act as an information marketplace where users can acquire brand tokens in exchange for sharing purchase histories, preferences, and profiles on their preferred styles, among other forms of data.

This data is then stored on their platform and used to improve experiences and interactions between company brands and shoppers. It represents an opportunity to drive innovation in brilliant ways.


2. Use blockchain to allow accurate customer data

Blockchain is also useful for making sure your audience is actually an audience of real people (as opposed to bots). Accurate consumer data is key to more effective ad-targeting, which naturally leads to a growth in sales. That’s why it’s important that brands verify that their databases contain actual people who have given their explicit permission to receive promotions.

Basically, if you know for sure, rather than assuming, that your customers are actually interested in your products, then you can provide real solutions to people, rather than simply wasting money on the non-qualified leads who won’t touch your business.


3. Make use of augmented reality for brands or influencers

With the release of augmented reality (AR) kits, AR is already on the rise and will expand into businesses over the coming years. If you can harness augmented reality in your brand or business’ online growth strategy, then it will pay off. Using AR will result in an entirely new, exciting and immersive eCommerce experience for both consumers and brands alike.

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