4 Cloud Computing Trends You Should Look Out For in 2019

Jan 31

The traditional role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is forever evolving, and with that in mind, 2019 promises increased pressure on the men and women in this role to deliver IT solutions that will meet the expectations of partners, employees, and customers. According to statistics, almost half of IT spending will be cloud-based, and that means it’s imperative for CIOs to consider cloud computing as a critical element of a competitive strategy.

Below we consider four key trends in the world of cloud computing that CIOs should prepare for this year.

1. A rise in the number of cloud services and solutions available

2019 will see an explosion of new cloud solutions and services, and the stats back it up.

– SaaS: Subscription-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) will increase by 2020 at an 18% CAGR, according to Bain & Company.

– IaaS: the infrastructure-as-a-service market is predicted to reach $72.4 billion worldwide by 2020

If we take into consideration the current cloud computing trends, then it’s expected that the number of cloud solutions in both private and public sectors will expand in 2019.

2. Quantum computing may be closer than we think

The race for quantum supremacy has begun. Microsoft, Intel, and Google are all falling behind IBM in their races to build the first quantum computer that can deliver on the technology’s long-promised abilities such as, solving complex medical issues, seamless data encryption, real conversations with artificial intelligence, weather prediction, and better financial modeling.

While we may not be there quite yet, 2019 is seeing an increased push towards making this possible.

3. More businesses will use Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The transition to the cloud proved a more challenging task than anticipated, but the hybrid cloud solutions help ease that process and therefore play an important role. A hybrid cloud allows companies to transition to the cloud at their own pace, at a lower cost and a lower risk. 2019 will see more companies choosing a hybrid-cloud approach that will allow them to access the effectiveness and efficiency of cloud solutions without giving up the mental and physical security of their local hard drives.

4. Thanks to GDPR, cloud computing is a little more confusing

It’s not surprising that security is an issue with cloud technology, especially with the recent GDPR guidelines. Due to the many advantages of cloud computing, we may find lots of businesses rush into it without any consideration for the security implications. 2019 is the time that businesses will face the difficult task of ensuring that all their data practices are fully compliant with GDPR requirements.

Cloud compliance under GDPR won’t be an easy task, and consideration is required.

CIOs will face further challenges in order to be competitive in this ever-changing tech world. The four trends we have discussed above are critical areas in which resources need to be dedicated in order to ensure products remain ahead of the curve in 2019 and products stay relevant in such a fast-changing world.

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