4 Reasons You Need A Mobile Commerce App For Your Customers

May 31
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In today’s digital world, people prefer mobile applications rather than desktop websites for shopping, as they offer more speed, convenience, and adaptability. We can shop anywhere in the world, even on the go. This has resulted in tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications and a surge in the number of people using them for purchases.

Why would someone use a mobile E-Commerce app?

There are many reasons why people want a mobile app for businesses, which we will discuss in detail. Firstly, let’s consider the different things retailers and businesses put in place to try and reach and engage customers. They create exciting displays, provide offers and discounts, ensure a customer service agent is there for assistance, and offer loyalty programs, among many other factors. Imagine being able to offer and access all those things without needing to drive to a store, fight through the crowds, and pay for parking. A mobile e-commerce app does just that.

Let’s consider four more reasons your customers would use a mobile e-commerce app.

1. Users Prefer Apps to Shopping

One poll found that over 75% of customers said they would prefer to access their favorite shopping services on a mobile app rather than via a mobile browser. Apps help make the online shopping experience more secure, faster, and users won’t need to worry about the need to log in every time to view the latest products or place a recurring order. So we can see that e-commerce mobile app development would be a real time-saver and advantage compared to those competitors without mobile apps.

2. Mobile Apps Make Payments Faster, Easier, and More Secure

When you develop a mobile app, you need to include secure payment options and program the app to remember these options for future shopping transactions. This will streamline the buying process for the user, and makes things easier on the business end. It’s now possible to make these payments even more simplified by integrating Google Wallet, Samsung, and Apple Pay. This removes the fear some people have when shopping online with their debit or credit cards.

3. Mobile Apps Encourage Social Sharing

If you want your business and products to reach more people via advertisement from your customers themselves, then all you have to do is integrate social sharing into your mobile e-commerce app. This means you can be promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, without needing to do anything on your end!

4. Mobile Apps Help Build Brand Loyalty

Every business wants loyal customers, and nothing puts businesses in the crosshairs of customer focus like a mobile app where your customer can see your brand every time they use their phone. Apps transform into virtual ears, eyes, and arms of the shopper. They go with them everywhere, which makes a mobile app a powerful tool for building upon customer loyalty and nurturing that relationship.

We live in a world that’s dominated by mobile, so it makes sense that in order for businesses or brands to grow and develop, they will need to adapt and implement mobile e-commerce apps.

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