4 Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile Application

Nov 14
Mobile Application

We all know that the current mobile or web applications market is saturated. It is designed to cater to one or more devices, operating systems, and users. This makes it challenging for the app developers to develop the right strategy that helps them build a perfect application. Mobile application development is about implementing the right strategy to get the job done well.

According to the Internet, Science, and Technology division of the Pew Research Center, by 2020, the internet will become a less important factor in day-to-day living. Apps will become the dominant factor in people’s lives.

The evolution of mobile devices has changed the way technology is used to develop applications. In addition, more and more users are now making use of mobile apps – these apps are making day-to-day activities easier.

According to one source, the number of mobile phone users by the end of next year is expected to jump to 4.93 billion. This indicates how heavily people now rely on mobile apps – whether to order food, book a ride, or plan a vacation. App developers are under serious pressure to always deliver the best applications for their users.

Are you wondering where to start when it comes to building a mobile app? There are three possible reasons to develop a mobile app:

  • You are building a consumer application that has the potential for widespread adoption
  • You are building an application to make an existing business processes easier, or;
  • You are building an application to migrate a web app to a mobile optimized platform

Once you have decided the type of application you are going to develop and the costs involved, you must develop a well thought out plan to make it a reality. Many people tend to ignore the planning phase and launch their applications in the market without realizing various key factors. Your app development project is bound to fail if you do not plan properly. It will further diminish profitability and decrease your utility.

Therefore, we present you four things to consider before developing a mobile application:

1. Conduct or Collect Sufficient Market Research

Before planning the strategy to develop your application, it is necessary to conduct thorough market research to gain valuable insights. It is imperative to study the market to know about your competitors (if any), as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You can also determine the strategy they are using to gain traction. Using this valuable data, you can avoid making the same mistakes that others did in the market. One of the best ways to learn about an application is by reading customer reviews of similar apps. You can get an idea of what your target audience may or may not like. This way, you are more likely to become a problem solver rather than just promoting your application.

2. Prioritize Efficiency

When you are developing a mobile application for the end user, make sure you are giving them the best app possible. Strive to develop a plan with 100% accuracy and efficiency so that your customers are satisfied. When we talk about efficiency, it means data efficiency, as more people are now inclined towards using 3G and 4G data. Ensure that you are building the app in a way that allows for users to have an optimized experience on the app while using data.

3. Build for your Target Audience

What’s essential is that the app developers always focus on the target audience before and during the app-development process. There are many factors that positively or negatively impact an application, such as region and age group. For instance, if your target audience is 16+, you would want to limit the number of pictorial illustration or animations. The way you design the layout of your app is what will get users of any age involved in your application. The primary goal of your application should be to satisfy the needs of end user. As the needs of your end users change by age range, so should the features your app offers.

4. Adhere to App Store Guidelines

After building a mobile application, you will publish it in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or both. Which one(s) you choose will depend entirely on whether the app has been developed for the iOS or Android platform. Many app developers hire two groups of engineers — one that specializes in development for each platform — and then publish on both Stores. The rules and regulations of the stores vary as well, so it is important to do due diligence and consult experts on each platform before listing your app. For example, it should be obvious that neither app store accepts an application for listing for an app that steals user data or is error prone. But there are less obvious, more subjective considerations as well. For example, the user experience (UX) is another factor that will be weighed by each Store’s gatekeepers in deciding if your application is eligible to be published or not.

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