6 Free Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools That Grow with Your Business

Oct 3
Must Have Digital Marketing Tools

Welcome to Q4 2017. To help you kick off the most important quarter of the year, we at KitelyTech have compiled our 5 favorite digital marketing tools that won’t break the bank. Harness the power of these resources to spread brand recognition, gain new users, and increase conversion rates this holiday season.

1. Slack

Slack is a great digital marketing tool that addresses the perpetual challenge of intra-office communication. Research shows a whopping 65% of the workday is spent communicating with coworkers and clients. With communication comes the inevitability of miscommunication or poor communication. Slack offers businesses of all sizes a way to organize and facilitate group chats. Slack allows companies to break down conversations ranging from 3-1000’s of employees into various topics, called “channels”. Default channels include #general, which employees neither need to join (they are automatically added upon creation of their Slack account), nor can opt-out of. These features make the #general channel optimal for important announcements that affect the entire company.

Team members in any chat channel can be directly addressed (and notified of their mention in a chat) with the “@“ symbol ahead of their name. Importantly, Slack channels are searchable for the most recent 10,000 messages (on the free plan). This reduces the tedium of re-reading any number of messages for pertinent information. Slack also offers voice calling.

Additional (paid) Slack plans allow for compliance documents, unlimited message searching, conference calling with up to 15 people, and up to 20 GB of storage per member. This all makes for a intra-company communication option that can scale with your organization.


2. MailChimp

MailChimp is an excellent digital marketing tool for customer relationship management. They offer plans from $0 – $199/month. Much like aforementioned Slack, MailChimp is built to grow with your business.

The free plan is aptly titled “New Business”, which speaks to its target market of startups and businesses working on getting off the ground. This plan has the capacity to create and automate up to 12,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers. Emails can be created on professional-looking templates, and don’t require any knowledge of design or programming.

Once you have set up an email template, you can program MailChimp to automatically send for various trigger events (think “thank you” emails post-purchase, confirmation emails upon opting-in to an email list). MailChimp also offers the option to parse the email list based on customer interests. All email is trackable – you can see how many subscribers open your email, click through to your site from it, and purchase as a result of the email.

Finally, MailChimp offers sign-up form creation to build your brand’s email list.


3. MailTester

Now let’s talk about a digital marketing tool that will ensure those MailChimp emails you’ve carefully crafted don’t end up in your potential customers’ spam folders. Hubsopt reports marketing emails are responsible for 70% of spam reports. At worst, spam emails can cost your brand up to $11,000 per email on account of the “CAN-SPAM Act of 2003”. At best, an email classified as spam is filtered out of your target audience’s inbox, never to be seen by them. MailChimp does provide tools to safeguard your content from being considered spam, but it is worth submitting to another test before you hit the “send” button. That’s where MailTester comes into play.

MailTester (mail-tester.com) is a simple website (only one page – the landing page) that offers a powerful service. Simply send your planned marketing email to the customized email address displayed on the MailTester site, and click “check your score” to receive a full report of the spam level of your email before sending to your valued subscribers.


4. Copyscape

You know what’s exceedingly bad for SEO? Getting kicked off Google. If Google determines you have been egregiously plagiarizing, they reserve the right to de-index your site from their search engine results pages (SERPs). This means the only way your site can be accessed is by typing the domain link directly into the URL bar. In other words, website death. Before you get paranoid, this will only happen if you are lifting copy directly from another source. Everyone who is of the age to be developing his or her own site knows this is an infraction. However, less nefarious writers can certainly accidentally remember the words of their inspiration too well, or serendipitously write something similar to another source. Demystify the situation and ensure you don’t accidentally get penalized for similar content with Copyscape, our favorite digital marketing tool for avoiding plagiarism.


5. Siteliner

Siteliner and Copyscape are two sides of the same coin in our digital marketing toolbox. While Copyscape analyzes external web pages and compares their copy to that of your site, Siteliner is an internal analysis. While plagiarizing other sites comes with much more severe consequences, duplicate content within your site is frowned upon by search engine algorithms. Whether due to lazy copywriters, a non-native speaker, or a bot copying and pasting, duplicate content is a major and universal red flag denoting low-quality websites. Simply enter your website’s URL into the Siteliner site, and have up to 250 pages analyzed for free. You’ll get a real-time report breaking down percentages of duplicate content, common content, and unique content on your site.


6. Paraphraser


Conciseness is the key to well-reputed digital marketing. The audience is looking for concise and to-the-point answers that cover maximum information about your online business. Therefore, a summarizer would be perfect for writing catchy headlines, informative introductions, and concise summaries with just a few clicks.

This online text summarizer by Paraphraser would provide options like file uploading, direct content pasting, and language selection to write a practical summary. This summarizing tool is free to use and gives output in a fraction of a second. The summarized text would be the perfect output covering a complete paragraph’s essential points in a well-structured summary.

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