5 Things Web Designers Should Be Focusing On In 2018

Aug 7
web designer trends 2018

We are halfway through the year, so it’s time to reflect on what exactly web designers should be focusing on now and further into next year. Below, we discuss five priorities all web designers should be keeping top of mind to stay on trend.

1. The mobile-first indexing

Mobile is king, and optimizing for this device is not something that can be avoided. It’s important for one simple reason: people use their phones more than their computers, and they prefer it too. Over 2 billion people currently use smartphones, and that number is only going to increase. Therefore, mobile-first indexing is something every designer should be prioritizing. Designers and marketers should brainstorm to come up with a mobile design first and only after that turn it into a desktop view, rather than the traditional vice versa.

2. Bold fonts and vivid colors

We only get one chance to make a lasting impression on a visitor and bold fonts and bright colors are key ways to achieve this in web design. Carefully mixing and matching a few strong, eye-catching and colorful bolds rose to prominence in 2017, and it will follow us into 2019 and beyond. Remember to use sparingly, such as to enhance headings and quotes, and ensure your text is always readable.

3. Animations and illustrations

People don’t like static websites anymore, it’s actually considered boring. The goal of a web designer is to create something that people enjoy, can navigate easily, and eventually engage that person to take the desired call-to-action.

The use of animations and illustrations can help your website stand out from the rest; however, be wary, as you need to find a balance. If you go “over-the-top” with illustrations and animations, it may simply deter people from your website as it can increase your page load times and the overall speed of your website. This, in turn, will affect user experience which could upset your rankings within search engines, so balance is key to success.

4. Responsive logo

As we know, responsiveness in web design is vital. Well, that also now includes your logo design. Having a responsive logo may seem like a small element that will go unnoticed but the reality is, it won’t. If you have a responsive logo it’s going to make a world of difference when it comes to making your site appear professional, unique, and generally a place where people want to stay. Again, start by making sure your logo is responsive for mobile design, then for laptop/PC design afterward.

5. Depth

Last, but not least, is the element of depth. This is an exciting and important aspect for web designers to focus on in the back half of 2018. This involves the use of shadows in web design, and it really helps to make a website stand out from the rest. Shadows serve as a distinction between different areas of the website, resulting in a utilitarian and beautiful piece of web design.

Follow these 5 essential elements and your web design will be ahead of the competition.

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