5 Ways Mobile Applications Have Changed The Outlook of Marketing

Nov 9
5 Ways Mobile Applications

The fact that we use our phones twice as many times as we think we do indicates that a lot of smartphone use seems to be habitual, automatic behaviors that we have no awareness of – Dr. Sally Andrews

Major technological advancements have revolutionized the way businesses are marketing their products and services. Mobile applications are major contributors to this revolution. It can even be said that mobile applications have changed the fate of marketing.

Ever since smartphones have become more common among the masses, mobile applications have had a significant impact and influence on peoples’ lives. These smartphone applications make day-to-day activities easier and less tiresome. Gone are the days when people would have to leave the comfort of the couch to access a computer to perform tasks such as sending emails or searching for information. These functions, and many more, can now be done from anywhere as long as the device is connected to the internet.

Therefore, we can say that the pervasive nature of mobile devices improves web visibility. From making online purchases, generating leads for your business, scheduling important appointments, placing an order, or connecting with people socially – all are made possible via mobile applications.

Read on for a look at how mobile applications have changed the fate of marketing:

1. Mobile applications increase engagement

Mobile applications bring users a fully-integrated world where users become absorbed in the enticing features and functionality. This is a process that mobile app developers have mastered, especially mobile app game developers. They present users with a world filled with addictive qualities. The Facebook likes of Candy Crush, Flappy Birds, Clash of Clans, and Pokemon Go indicate how impactful a good mobile game or app can be.

If you do not have the budget to launch a full marketing campaign, but instead have a huge user base or established fans, your mobile app can still be successful. The majority of small- and medium-sized businesses now create their mobile applications specifically to cater to their user base. These fans remain engaged and loyal to games within the app.

2. Mobile applications serve a purpose

When we say mobile applications are purposeful, it does not mean that websites are useless. Rather, mobile applications are designed to deliver an additional and enhanced experience to the users, in addition to the website. Most business applications offer specific features and advantages to customers, so it becomes more convenient for them to interact with the company. It’s yet another way to encourage engagement from customers.

A mobile application should present an intuitive and clutter-free interface that helps users achieve their goals of answering questions, engaging with the brand, or simply playing a game easily. The same user-organization interaction can also be done by using a personal computer, but why bother when these mobile applications offer a more convenient alternative for both parties?

3. Mobile applications attract repeat users

As discussed above, mobile applications should offer convenience and simplicity. When successfully executed, these qualities will encourage repeat visits from users. If the users are not automatically repeatedly engaging with the app, companies send them relevant push notifications encouraging users to revisit. Suppose you love shopping and you have not made any recent online purchases, the application might send you a notification alerting that there is a sale going on or products are on massive discounts which entice their shopping gut and compels them to visit the application again.

4. Mobile applications allow business on the go

Consumers’ smartphones are as reliably present as their shadows. Wherever you are, your smartphone will likely be in your hand at all times. Smartphones are easy to carry and do not weigh much, especially compared to laptops. If you are running a business, the more tasks you can accomplish on a cell phone, the better. This will allow you to conduct business on the go, to and from the office and client meetings, and whenever you have a spare second on the couch in the evenings. Due to convenience, people now prefer smartphones, or even tablets, for most business-related needs.

For example, say you’re looking to order a package from Amazon. All you have to do is take out your phone, open the application, and order. Mobility of these applications allow you to perform such activities anywhere, whether you are out with your friends, busy at a family dinner, or getting ready for bed.

Mobile applications have made it easier for users to shop, search for information, and/or look for relevant services. All in all, this translates to your target audience having 24/7 access to this hassle-free mode of effective interaction. Utilize this channel to promote your products and services in the digital realm.

5. Mobile applications encourage users through timely notifications

How many times a day do you receive a popup regarding a discount deal from an eatery or sale at an online store? Many times, we as users tend to forget to check certain websites for updates due to our workload. Or, because we are constantly inundated with notifications throughout the day. We assume that any brand with a sale or update would push through a notification. The updates eventually become so expected and numerous that the newsletters start to stack into our spam folders. With mobile apps, businesses are tapping into a whole new market. It gives them a new way to reach their target audience, directly, through the use of in-app messaging and notifications.

Modern applications are programmed in a manner that they understand – and continue to learn – user’s preferences, behaviors, and shopping history. This way, they keep sending timely notifications and alerts when something similar to their interest is available.

In summary, it will continue to be important for all types of businesses to tap into this convenient mode of doing business in the current market scenario. Mobile apps will continue to help businesses cater to a global audience and expand into other markets that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

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