5 Ways Your Mobile SEO Might be Affecting Your Conversions

Oct 8
mobile seo affecting conversions

When it comes to customers utilizing mobile devices to search for and find your business, it’s no longer enough to have good SEO practices in place for your website without considering mobile. In fact, it’s never been more important to provide a cohesive, practical, and easy-to-follow experience from the second their thumb hits the keypad through to the final stages of their decision-making process. Here are five methods to consider when optimizing your site that could be affecting the rest of your conversion process in the worst way:

Slow sites

One of the leading causes of your potential customers losing interest before they even learn more about your product is the speed of your website; but did you know this is also the case for the way Google analyzes the viability of your platform? A slow-loading site will likely push you further down the list, with just a one-second delay in access resulting in 7% fewer conversions.

Over-use of interstitials

Neither your customers nor Google rankings look kindly at sites that use too much advertising, whether it’s in the form of multiple pop-ups, hidden content or otherwise. In fact, for sites that go overboard with their interstitials (ads displayed before or after the expected content page), they might find they fall off Google’s rankings completely, leaving them lacking when it comes to conversions and reaching their intended audience.

Text troubles

Another important element when it comes to optimizing your site is your use of typography; from the size of the text you use to the font itself, the way in which you display information on your site can have a more significant impact on your Google rankings and optimization than you might think. With the average mobile device, text size of at least 14pt is recommended, plus a font that has high clarity and is easy to read even on a smaller device.

UX success

User experience is a must-have part of your mobile SEO process, to encourage conversions and keep site visitors interested in what you do. Providing easy to use touch functionality on everything from menus to sliders can afford that next level of interactivity that mobile users expect, but ensure they’re large enough to be functional as well as on-theme.

Crafting copy

As with all SEO, the copy you utilize on your website makes up the bulk of Google’s SEO calculations, and the keywords you use are what gets you noticed when it comes to customers searching for your product or service. Forget about paragraphs of text, and opt for short, concise and easy to follow information that can be quickly read on a mobile device to ensure top-level optimization.

Mobile SEO is a must for any modern business, with more purchasing decisions made over smartphone devices than ever before. By following these five tips to ensure your SEO is up to par, you’ll soon have conversions rolling in – and a website that ranks highly for all of your targeted keywords.

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