The Advantages of Custom Website Development in Charlotte

Sep 30
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No matter the industry, having a website for a business or brand plays a significant role in that business or brand’s growth and success. But the boost that a company or brand will get requires much more than having a website with your company name and logo on it. Your website needs to be user-friendly, readable, and offer value to your visitors.

Many small businesses opt for to use a website builder because it’s less expensive up front. And that’s okay. It’s one thing to use a drag and drop website builder platform like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. However, it’s quite another to have a custom website built from scratch by a team of professionals who know what it takes to create a website that drives traffic and converts.

Let’s face it, your business needs a website. A website built with a drag and drop, templated site builder is better than having no website at all. And sure, going the templated site-builder route can seem like a financially savvy move, but it could cost you in leads in the long run. Let’s take a look at the advantages of custom web development.

Custom web developers can create a website that scales with your business.

No one starts a business without working towards growth. Your business may start out small, needing less features than a larger company. However, if you’re planning for growth, you will need a website that is flexible and will allow for integrations like add-ons and additional tools and features. A custom-built website will allow for your website to scale with these features as your business grows. And if your business’s growth is speedy, you want to have hire a web development agency right off the bat. Scalability and flexibility just aren’t features you will get with a generic, templated site.

Using custom web development services means having a unique website.

While you may draw inspiration from other sites you’ve seen, a custom website will be original. Your website will be built to your specifications. Having a unique website will set your business apart from the competition because your developer will build a site that is exudes your brand’s visual style.

You won’t have to worry about security and support with a custom website.

It’s more difficult for a hacker to breach custom code than code that is commonly used, say for example, templated websites. Web development companies also provide better support than website builders. Developers will be able to offer personalized support for your unique website.

Custom website development means consistent, ongoing maintenance.

When you use a website builder, you are trapped into using that company’s software in order for your website to stay live. If that company should shutdown, you will have to switch to another company using another type of software. Or, you could save yourself the time and money and hire a web development agency to create a custom website for your brand.

A custom website will be adaptable to other software you may be using.

If your business works with different software, a custom web development agency will be able to ensure your website will work efficiently with that software you are using.

Custom websites do better on search engines.

Optimizing for search engine result pages is an essential feature of web development. When you google the top websites in your industry, in any industry, they are all custom-built websites. That’s because digital marketing goes hand in hand with website development. It may not seem likely, but it’s the truth. Custom built websites rank higher in search engines because they are created by experts who understand that responsive web development ranks higher on Google’s search engine results pages.

Having a professionally built website is more appealing to consumers.

Consumers can tell the difference between a website made using a drag and drop website building service as opposed to a website that was built by a web development agency. Web development is a skill that developers take pride in. They don’t just throw something together and charge you money. They create a work of art that enhances your brand and builds credibility for your business brand. According to Forbes, symptoms of a website that lack credibility include:

  • Visitors spending less time on your site
  • Having high bounce rates
  • Lower or no conversion
  • Difficulty attracting advertisers and sponsors.

Having your website development needs taken care of by professionals saves you time.

Your attention should be focused on growing your business and brand, not creating a website. Even if you are versed in HTML, dividing your time between clients, selling goods, making sure your business is running smoothly, and building a website isn’t good for your business. Top Charlotte website development agencies like KitelyTech will have a developer team and a design team to ensure they create an exceptional product. While the developer team focuses on building a functional, responsive website, the design team ensures the website looks great with responsive design. So, let the pros handle it.

The best web developers are efficient and care about the success of your website and brand.

Developers spend a lot of time learning about your brand, what makes your company stand out and how to translate that into your business’s digital home. The top web development companies in Charlotte view their clients as partners and want to ensure your success. Developers perform proper browser testing to ensure your website functions on the major web browsers as well as the many smaller browsers that are out there. Browser testing is crucial to ensuring your customers have a pleasant user experience regardless of the browser they use. Browser testing and other rigorous quality controls are things the average person running a business just doesn’t have the time or even the knowledge to do.

While anyone can publish a website nowadays, not everyone can create a professional looking website that drives traffic, keeps visitors longer, ranks high on Google’s search engine results pages and builds brand credibility. If you are passionate about growing your Charlotte business, then you need web development that’s passionate about developing websites that are visually stunning, functional, responsive, and unique to your brand’s needs and personality.

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