5 Benefits of Custom E-Learning Software for Companies

Jan 18
Benefits of Custom E-Learning Software

Custom e-learning software can be extremely beneficial for companies of all sizes, as it enables employees to learn during the onboarding process, as well as for professional development opportunities. Through a well-designed custom e-learning software for companies, learners can gain access to various interactive topics, which are designed to help them acquire new skills and information quickly and efficiently. These courses and programs are typically structured to give employees the maximum exposure to applicable information and ensure that they retain the information learned. Here are five of the benefits of investing in custom e-learning software for companies instead of relying on off the shelf e-learning software solutions.

Meet Your Specific Needs

An e-learning program can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and interests as closely as possible. It is important that the program is relevant, up-to-date and easy to use so that employees are better equipped to retain the information they are learning. With a custom e-learning software program, you have control over everything so that it can perfectly meet your specific needs. You won’t have to include generic content from the software developer that your employee don’t need.

For example, if you pay for licenses of a digital sexual harassment course, it may contain more information than is necessary or content that goes against your company’s values. Maybe you want to have courses with more diversity or that addresses specific situations that your workforce actually experiences. Having your own software can make this possible.

Another factor worth considering is the functionality offered by the e-learning software. Before buying a particular software package, it is important to check whether the software provides enough options for the users to use the system. If it doesn’t have the functionality your team needs, it makes more sense to create a solution that better addresses the functionality you want to use. There is no need to compromise when custom e-learning software is available. 

Increased Efficiency 

Custom e-learning software for companies is becoming more popular is because it increases efficiciency productivity. As more people learn new things through e-learning, the need for more staff to educate them gets filled. This is especially important in an organization where there will be a need for employees to learn new skills that they need to know, either in terms of skills or company best practices. The need for a greater knowledge retention of all employees can be met through custom e-learning software.

Save Money in the Long Run

While the cost of developing custom e-learning software for companies might be higher than the cost of buying a ready-made e-learning solution from a software development company, it will definitely help you cut down on the ongoing costs and the time needed for development. Furthermore, customized software also lets you take advantage of various benefits of hosted software development – faster delivery, better integration, and less reliance on other external factors like IT support.

A custom e-learning software for companies allows for the development of e-learning applications that are easy to use and that are relevant to the employee’s needs. Using an appropriate software system can help you reduce costs related to training and certification. In addition, it can also help you control the distribution of course materials and offer multiple choices for learning material. This can result in an increased rate of retention and increased productivity.

Use Actual Staff Members and Situations

By controlling the process of creating e-learning software, you can create content that closely reflects your actual company. In training exercises, you can create content that reflects real situations that employees might encounter while working for the company, including real customer obstacles, challenges, and industry regulations. Videos can contain short lectures from actual staff members that work within your organization, instead of generic actors that have no relevance to your company. Wouldn’t an e-learning course be more helpful if it contained more relevant information?

Have Branded Content

A custom e-learning software program allows you to brand it with your company’s information, not the company you purchased the software from. If it is cloud-based, you can potentially choose the domain name or connect it to your company’s intranet page. Your company’s logo can be included and its name, as well as branding the features within the system with names and images that are specific to your company’s brand.

For many companies, custom e-learning software provides too many benefits that off the shelf e-learning platforms do not. The ability to have just the software that you need and to save money over the long term are benefits not to be ignored. Contact KitelyTech at (800) 274 2908 for a quote on building your company’s custom e-learning software today.

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