24 Apr 2018

5 Predictions For The Blockchain Industry You Can Take To The Bank

Blockchain technologies gained significant prominence in 2017, leading to an upsurge in interesting developments within the blockchain industry. Not everything went as people expected, though, with the number of real-world applications that entered the market far less than anticipated. Nevertheless, some companies like R3CEV and IBM were impressed with the year's outcome. This year the [...]
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23 Apr 2018
design for search engines

4 Ways To Design For Search Engines And Customers

When it comes to designing a website, many factors play a role in determining what content and features should be included on the website. Variables such as button designs, site colors, user flow, SEO, fonts, video, page performance, user experience and overall design play a large role in creating a flowing website. Out of all [...]
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19 Apr 2018
custom software solution

4 Signs Your Company Could Benefit From A Custom Software Solution

People often ask why a custom software solution is better for your business than out-of-the-box software. An out-of-the-box software solution has its place in business - it takes less time to implement and can be less expensive than custom software development. However, it's important to note that much of what comes pre-packaged is never actually [...]
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15 Apr 2018
mobile app content

Steps To Help You Create Engaging Mobile App Content

Over 4 million apps are available on the Google Play and Apple Stores, meaning that trying to grab user attention via content has become even more of a challenge, and the ability to do so even more of a skill. The pressure to produce content that not only brings in more subscriptions but actually brings [...]
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05 Apr 2018
web agency

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Experienced Web Agency

Nowadays, a website is a fundamental marketing tool for every type of business. It is the online face of your company, and helps display your brand to visitors all over the world. For many, it will also be the first impression a potential client or customer will get of your company. For this reason, it [...]
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02 Apr 2018
tips to choose seo agency

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right SEO Agency

A good SEO strategy is vital in helping a business generate numerous qualified leads to its site and increasing a brand's exposure. However, the art of SEO has become increasingly complex, and SEO agencies are often drafted in to help boost efforts. If you're looking to choose a new firm now, it's a decision you [...]
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28 Mar 2018

The Most Common e-Commerce Questions, Answered

E-commerce stores are great for all sorts of businesses, even those that have traditionally only had a physical location. They offer the chance to quickly boost a company’s profit margins and reduce the large overhead costs associated with running a physical store. However, the world of e-commerce can be confusing for those with less experience [...]
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15 Mar 2018
mobile app development

What Business Owners Need to Know About Mobile App Development

The amount of time American mobile users spend in apps is increasing, and in 2017 it was five hours a day with 5% of that time dedicated to shopping and lifestyle activities. More businesses are implementing mobile apps and often outsourcing the system development. However, owners still need to know about the different types of [...]
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12 Mar 2018

Everyone’s Talking About Bitcoin In 2018

For those who are regretting not investing in Bitcoin during 2017, there is some good news for you. Analysts have predicted Bitcoin to reach somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 this fiscal year. Other cryptocurrencies are on similar growth trajectories, and will likely outperform the market and expectations this year, as well. Bitcoin Will Remain The [...]
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07 Mar 2018
software development considerations

7 Software Development Considerations for Any CEO or Project Manager

In this day and age, it is crucial to understand how the software development process actually works when managing such a project. To help CEOs, managers, or stakeholders navigate the software development procedure, let us highlight few factors. 1. May Not Have Same Focus You want a superbly performing app for your clients that will boast great results. It [...]
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