11 Dec 2018
best software development company in chicago

KitelyTech’s Scintillating Software Development Services Featured at GoodFirms

KitelyTech has been delivering innovative software along with a host of other IT services -- including web design, web development, SEO, mobile apps, branding, AI, and AR -- since 2009. Third-party review firm GoodFirms has taken notice. GoodFirms’ Research Process GoodFirms is a review and research firm that analyzes and evaluates IT firms across the [...]
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10 Dec 2018
KitelyTech App Development

KitelyTech Takes App Development to New Heights

The arrival of the smartphone changed everything, and that is not an overstatement. Communication, entertainment, finance, commerce, and almost every other facet of life has been changed by these revolutionary devices. Businesses that adapt to these digital developments survive, but those who leverage this technology to reach their clients in new and meaningful ways thrive. [...]
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03 Dec 2018
Fundamentals required to understand SEO

The fundamentals required to understand SEO

When you don't understand the basic fundamentals of SEO, all the buzzwords can be overwhelming. Whether a company is conducting an in-house SEO campaign or hiring a third-party technology firm to assist, it is imperative the hiring manager be empowered to understand the topic at hand. To help mitigate potential confusion, this guide will take [...]
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30 Nov 2018
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Moves That Could Ruin Your Business Credibility

Have you ever received an email and thought, "How did this get in my inbox?" or "I didn't sign up for this!". These are clear examples of email marketing fails, which make a company look untrustworthy. The reason we have permission marketing is to ensure someone has actually obtained the permission from an individual to [...]
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27 Nov 2018
blockchain technology

Industries That Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, originally created as a distribution ledger for online cryptocurrencies, continues to be one of the biggest software trends of 2018. Its primary use is arguably no longer for Bitcoin, as multiple businesses are beginning to adapt its technology for their own benefit. What is Blockchain? Blockchain can be viewed as a new type of [...]
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