04 Apr 2020
schema markup

Schema Markup and Why It Is Important for SEO

You may have heard in your efforts to increase the reach of your page, the importance of, or at least the word, “schema”. But now, you’re wondering “what is a schema markup?” Schema markup is a version of information known as “microdata”. Such microdata can be added to your web pages to help create an […]

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04 Apr 2020
technical seo

Why Technical SEO is Necessary, and Not an Option

Over the last ten years, no other marketing strategy has seen more changes than SEO. In the past decade, SEO (short for “search engine optimization”) has become one of the most common ways people find information. As the times continue to evolve, it is important to remain involved and educated in the manner in which […]

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01 Apr 2020
On-Page SEO for E-Commerce

On-Page SEO for E-Commerce Websites: A Simplified Guide

For those who are unaware, SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, and is an effective way to direct consumers to your e-commerce business. E-commerce SEO experts have recommended a few ways in which to optimize your online business. One way, if you are able to budget for it, is to employ the services of an […]

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27 Mar 2020
eCommerce Website Development Strategies

Increase Your Business Volume with These 9 eCommerce Website Development Strategies

Using eCommerce website development is a great way to boost traffic to your online store and allow new and existing customers to easily access your products. With the ever-increasing popularity of accessing the internet for both goods and information, ensuring that your online storefront is easily accessible and simple to navigate is extremely important to […]

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