14 Aug 2018
software development trends

Software Development Trends You Need To Watch

We live in a world where every month more and more gadgets and applications are on offer for our use. None of these would be possible without innovative ideas and the work of professionals who excel at coding. The advancement of custom software development and technologies has opened up a lot of doors and led [...]
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07 Aug 2018
web designer trends 2018

5 Things Web Designers Should Be Focusing On In 2018

We are halfway through the year, so it's time to reflect on what exactly web designers should be focusing on now and further into next year. Below, we discuss five priorities all web designers should be keeping top of mind to stay on trend. 1. The mobile-first indexing Mobile is king, and optimizing for this [...]
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27 Jul 2018
Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Thanks to the rise of mobile apps, chat apps such as WhatsApp, and the rise of chatbots and voice-activated devices such as Amazon Echo, the evolution of online conversations is happening fast. One of the most significant changes is the rise of virtual reality (VR) and the emergence of augmented reality (AR), which will cause [...]
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10 Jul 2018
email marketing strategy

4 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

It's true that the readability of and ability to deliver emails is on the decline. This is because servers, which use automated spam filters, send our emails directly to "spam". There they are left sitting, never to be found. Is this the end of email marketing as we know it? Don’t give up; once you [...]
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27 Jun 2018
generate leads

Best SEO Techniques To Generate Leads

Search engine optimization is key to marketing because it determines the visibility of your webpage. People entering keywords associated with your product will quickly be directed to your site if you get this strategy right. SEO can be confusing, but here are the best techniques for leads. 1. Focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords Successful SEO [...]
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19 Jun 2018
mobile seo

A Mini Guide To Mobile SEO

This guide will take you through the basics and essentials of mobile SEO so you can make sure your brand or business is on the right track. First thing’s first: What is mobile optimization? It's really important to note that mobile optimization isn't just a mobile-friendly website. A website that is mobile-friendly will shrink the [...]
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31 May 2018
ecommerce application

4 Reasons You Need A Mobile Commerce App For Your Customers

In today's digital world, people prefer mobile applications rather than desktop websites for shopping, as they offer more speed, convenience, and adaptability. We can shop anywhere in the world, even on the go. This has resulted in tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications and a surge in the number of people using them [...]
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28 May 2018
web design trends 2018

5 Web Design Trends of 2018

The world of web design is constantly changing, so to ensure you're up to speed with the latest trends and designs, we've put together a list of the top web design trends of 2018 you should look out for. 1. Mobile-First Approach 2017 saw many advancements in the world of mobile, including mobile usage finally [...]
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21 May 2018
WordPress Development

Top 5 Benefits Of Developing A Website In WordPress

When it comes to developing a website from scratch, a lot of effort is required. This is why it's often a more convenient, and less expensive, option to develop a website with WordPress. Consider the fact that WordPress powers 30% of the world's websites - that must mean they are doing something right. Below we [...]
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21 May 2018
accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) vs Mobile-Friendly Pages

Never underestimate the importance of content that loads quickly and properly on a mobile device. As paramount as mobile-friendly websites are, with variants like different screen sizes and internet speeds, it can be a challenge perfecting mobile web pages. Google has always used user experience as the most important ranking factor, and this begins with [...]
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