18 Jan 2019
Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing And Web Design For eCommerce

In order to establish a successful online business, you need two core components: high-quality web design and a business marketing plan. A quality website design will make your website professional, inviting, and attractive. This will illicit trust within your potential customers. Your business marketing plan should also use social media platforms to help your business […]

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15 Jan 2019

3 Strategies For eCommerce Growth And Sales (using new technologies)

We simply can’t deny that digital marketing has become an integral part of day-to-day business success. There is no escaping it. Therefore, those companies that decide to invest in building a strong online presence are much more likely to expand and grow than those who are stuck in the traditional “bricks and mortar” mentality. Consider […]

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11 Jan 2019

5 Cyber Security Threats to SMEs, and How Software Development Services Can Help

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often more susceptible to cyber attacks than giant companies because of their limited resources. Every year, cyber attacks cost SMEs close to $150,000, and 60 percent of those affected closed shop six months after an attack. Sadly, about 90 percent of SMEs lack sufficient data protection. Here are five […]

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17 Dec 2018

KitelyTech recognized as a top B2B service provider in the world in The Clutch 1000 Listing!

KitelyTech is a one-stop-shop for any and all of your technological needs. From mobile app developers to graphic designers, we want to provide high-quality solutions for our clients. And, to ensure that you truly will receive great work from our expert team, check out our profile on Clutch, a third-party ratings and reviews platform. Clutch’s […]

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11 Dec 2018
best software development company in chicago

KitelyTech’s Scintillating Software Development Services Featured at GoodFirms

KitelyTech has been delivering innovative software along with a host of other IT services -- including web design, web development, SEO, mobile apps, branding, AI, and AR -- since 2009. Third-party review firm GoodFirms has taken notice. GoodFirms’ Research Process GoodFirms is a review and research firm that analyzes and evaluates IT firms across the [...]
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