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Sep 26

Want To Work With A Web Designer? Here Are 5 Points You Should Consider

There’s nothing more exciting than making the leap to a brand new website design, refreshing your branding, or even setting up your business for the first time. So when it comes to hiring the right web designer for your business [...]

Sep 19

Top 4 Reasons Why SEO Should Be Considered An Investment For Entrepreneurs

SEO should be looked at as an investment, rather than a cost. Below we consider the importance of investing in SEO as an entrepreneur, and how it can be beneficial to businesses (particularly in the long-term). 1. SEO is cost-effective [...]

Sep 11

Six Tips for Revamping Your Website's Homepage

Think of your website’s homepage as a welcome screen for potential clients. It’s the first part of your website that most people will see, and many will form their impression of your company or business based on your homepage. If [...]

Sep 7

3 Ways You Can Use Blockchain In Your Business

Blockchain seems to be here to stay, and it’s time to get on board. Blockchain technology has the ability to enable your business to flourish like never before. Below we discuss a variety of ways in which you can successfully [...]

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