Turning a Local Gun Shop into National eCommerce Site

Before working with KitelyTech, Lakeshore Guns had an old, clunky, and outdated website. The business primarily focused on local sales within the community, limiting the company’s ability to truly scale and grow. With the help of our team, Lakeshore Guns expanded its business to a national level. It continues to see huge increases in website traffic and sales.

Lakeshore Guns

Cultivating A Recognizable Brand

Adding dramatic photography and sleek branding elevated the outdated website into a modern eCommerce site that enabled the company to become a recognized national seller and buyer of guns.

Adding State-of-the-art Ecommerce Technology

To be successful as a national and trusted eCommerce retailer, we implemented a state-of-the-art eCommerce kit to make it easy to make an online purchase of a highly regulated and secured item. We focused on creating a positive user experience that was seamless to navigate.

See The Original Website

To fully understand the depth of the website transformation, take a look back at the original Lakeshore Guns website to see how we focused on creating a more cohesive, user-friendly eCommerce site that converts.

Lakeshore Guns