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10 Dec 2018
KitelyTech App Development

KitelyTech Takes App Development to New Heights

The arrival of the smartphone changed everything, and that is not an overstatement. Communication, entertainment, finance, commerce, and almost every other facet of life has been changed by these revolutionary devices. Businesses that adapt to these digital developments survive, but those who leverage this technology to reach their clients in new and meaningful ways thrive. [...]
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14 Nov 2018
real estate mobile app

4 Ways Mobile Apps Have Revolutionized Real Estate

Mobile device users typically want easy access to as much information as possible about a property that's for sale or rent before they even speak with an agent. As with most modern shoppers, buyers and renters want more control of the consumer process so that they can better manage their time and make informed decisions [...]
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01 Sep 2018
Design For Your Mobile App

Why You Need Emotionally Intelligent Design For Your Mobile App

Over two billion people are using smartphones, and we are constantly using apps. Whether it's for social media, checking the weather, tracking our fitness and what we eat, or booking vacations, there is an app for almost everything. Consider the apps you have on your phone, and consider why exactly you have chosen to download [...]
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31 May 2018
ecommerce application

4 Reasons You Need A Mobile Commerce App For Your Customers

In today's digital world, people prefer mobile applications rather than desktop websites for shopping, as they offer more speed, convenience, and adaptability. We can shop anywhere in the world, even on the go. This has resulted in tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications and a surge in the number of people using them [...]
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