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01 Sep 2018
Design For Your Mobile App

Why You Need Emotionally Intelligent Design For Your Mobile App

Over two billion people are using smartphones, and we are constantly using apps. Whether it's for social media, checking the weather, tracking our fitness and what we eat, or booking vacations, there is an app for almost everything. Consider the apps you have on your phone, and consider why exactly you have chosen to download [...]
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31 May 2018
ecommerce application

4 Reasons You Need A Mobile Commerce App For Your Customers

In today's digital world, people prefer mobile applications rather than desktop websites for shopping, as they offer more speed, convenience, and adaptability. We can shop anywhere in the world, even on the go. This has resulted in tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications and a surge in the number of people using them [...]
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30 Apr 2018
Mobile app development trends 2018

Mobile App Development Trends Of 2018

The world of mobile apps is arguably the largest market in technology, and when considering statistics that suggest there are 2.2 million apps on Apple's App Store and 2.8 million on Google's Play Store, it's certainly no surprise why. Regardless of the size of business, everyone is now diving into the pool of mobile apps, [...]
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15 Apr 2018
mobile app content

Steps To Help You Create Engaging Mobile App Content

Over 4 million apps are available on the Google Play and Apple Stores, meaning that trying to grab user attention via content has become even more of a challenge, and the ability to do so even more of a skill. The pressure to produce content that not only brings in more subscriptions but actually brings [...]
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15 Mar 2018
mobile app development

What Business Owners Need to Know About Mobile App Development

The amount of time American mobile users spend in apps is increasing, and in 2017 it was five hours a day with 5% of that time dedicated to shopping and lifestyle activities. More businesses are implementing mobile apps and often outsourcing the system development. However, owners still need to know about the different types of [...]
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20 Dec 2017
UI UX Mobile App Design

How Can UI/UX Execution Change The Fate Of Mobile App Development?

Over 50% of smartphone users activate their devices immediately after waking up. In recent times, effective UI/UX execution has changed the fate of mobile app development. An enticing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) result in a mobile app design that has a sleek look and feel. In this day and age, the majority of [...]
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14 Dec 2017
Basics Of App Store Optimization

Three Basics Of App Store Optimization (ASO)

“For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs” – Ankit Jain In 2016, the total number of applications downloaded from Apple’s App Store was nearly 25 billion. Similarly, the Android application downloads surpassed 90 billion. Statista has forecasted that there will be a total of 197 billion or more mobile [...]
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14 Nov 2017
Mobile Application

4 Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile Application

We all know that the current mobile or web applications market is saturated. It is designed to cater to one or more devices, operating systems, and users. This makes it challenging for the app developers to develop the right strategy that helps them build a perfect application. Mobile application development is about implementing the right [...]
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09 Nov 2017
5 Ways Mobile Applications

5 Ways Mobile Applications Have Changed The Outlook of Marketing

The fact that we use our phones twice as many times as we think we do indicates that a lot of smartphone use seems to be habitual, automatic behaviors that we have no awareness of – Dr. Sally Andrews Major technological advancements have revolutionized the way businesses are marketing their products and services. Mobile applications [...]
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22 Sep 2017
App Store

8 Ways to Score with a Feature in the App Store

A coveted spot in the featured section of Apple’s App Store could mean the difference between rags and riches. There are over 2 million apps in the App Store, and counting. Getting noticed means more traffic. Increased traffic leads to more downloads. More downloads mean more money, whether in purchasing the app, subscription fees, or [...]
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