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Category: Paid Search

23 Oct 2017
E-Commerce AdWord Strategies

3 E-Commerce AdWords Strategies to Beat the PPC Plateau

We weren’t the first to bring a comparison of SEO vs PPC advertising to the internet. We’ve blogged about it before, and we will again; SEO campaigns and PPC advertising are cornerstones of every successful e-commerce business. Both tactics are especially crucial early on in the life of an online business, to get the word [...]
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06 Oct 2017
4 Adwords Tips

4 AdWords Tips that Will Add to your Bottom Line

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a wonderful way to direct more qualified leads to your brand’s website. But, getting users to your site is just the first step. The best PPC campaigns will convert these leads into customers. PPC advertising can be executed across many platforms, but we’ll focus today on the biggest one: [...]
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23 Aug 2017
reasons to invest in pay per click ads

3 Reasons to Stop Reading & Invest in PPC Advertising Now

What is PPC advertising? It is fair to think of pay per click advertising (PPC) as search engine optimization's (SEO) little brother. The two tactics are best combined in digital marketing strategy for a one-two punch. PPC advertising provides an instant influx of website traffic through targeted online ads. Conversely, building a strong SEO presence [...]
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