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20 Jul 2017
facebook e-com marketing

5 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell More from Your E-Comm Store

Facebook is great. The 2 billion people who use the social media platform every month would probably agree. However, if you own an online business and are only using Facebook to ogle your friends wedding/baby/vacation photos and dog memes, you’re not maximizing its potential. Here are five ways to invest in Facebook - specifically, Facebook [...]
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13 Jul 2017
How Pinterest Useful For Brands

How is Pinterest Useful for Brick-and-Mortar Brands?

In this day and age, if your business isn’t engaging with customers and strengthening your brand via social media, you’ll quickly become obsolete. When it comes to social media marketing, most brands tend to think of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as the big 3. However, other social media outlets can have a significant impact on [...]
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