Category: Software Development

19 Apr 2018
custom software solution

4 Signs Your Company Could Benefit From A Custom Software Solution

People often ask why a custom software solution is better for your business than out-of-the-box software. An out-of-the-box software solution has its place in business - it takes less time to implement and can be less expensive than custom software development. However, it's important to note that much of what comes pre-packaged is never actually [...]
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07 Mar 2018
software development considerations

7 Software Development Considerations for Any CEO or Project Manager

In this day and age, it is crucial to understand how the software development process actually works when managing such a project. To help CEOs, managers, or stakeholders navigate the software development procedure, let us highlight few factors. 1. May Not Have Same Focus You want a superbly performing app for your clients that will boast great results. It [...]
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15 Feb 2018
software development

Business Analysis In Software Development

In this technical age, most businesses understand the importance of business analysis in software development. Every team member plays an important role, but perhaps the most crucial role in a software development project is the business analyst. In the technology industry, it is believed that the expertise of a business analyst can determine the success [...]
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25 Jan 2018
tips to choose software development company

Tips To Choose The Right Software Development Company

Irrespective of your need to design a software solution for a product or create an application to enhance business operations, it is a smart choice to outsource your software needs to a partner company. However, it is essential to choose the right software development company for your product. The decision is similar to getting an [...]
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10 Nov 2017
Software Developers and Product Owners

Best Ways for Software Developers and Product Owners to Collaborate

Every business reaches the point where it make the decision of whether to employ in-house software developers or outsource technology partners. There are many advantages of hiring outside tech talent to manage ongoing product development efforts. The tech partner can be contracted on an as-needed basis, rather than paying a full-time employee salary and benefits. [...]
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08 Jun 2017

The SIX Basic Steps of Software Development

The bedrock of our preferred software development life cycle (SDLC) is quality software, itself. The rest of the steps in the process circle around ensuring quality and correctness of said software. Each stage of the cycle is important in and of itself; when execution is viewed in aggregate, a synergistic effect becomes clear. On the [...]
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