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Nov 23

7 Steps of an Effective Software Product Development Life Cycle

Software product development leads to lucrative new business solutions. Here are the seven steps of an effective software product development life cycle. [...]

Oct 25

What Do We Know about Software Development in Startups?

Most startups figure out an effective method for creating software and managing development. Here is what we know about software development in startups. [...]

Mar 1

The SIX Basic Steps of Software Development

The bedrock of our preferred software development life cycle (SDLC) is quality software, itself. The rest of the steps in the process circle around ensuring quality and correctness of said software. Each stage of the cycle is important in and [...]

Feb 26

Software Development Solutions to Deal With COVID-19

Since the pandemic, many businesses and industries have been relying on software solutions to replace face-to-face interaction. Lockdowns and social distancing rules have made businesses realize the acute need to find new ways to communicate with partners and customers. IT [...]

Jan 19

What Services Do Software Development Companies Provide?

Software development companies provide complete software solution development services to their clients, starting from the concept to the implementation of the solutions. The primary aim of software development companies is to provide customers with the best available solutions. Some companies [...]

Dec 28

The Software Owner's Guide to the Software Development Life Cycle

The software development life cycle (SDLC) is a highly organized process that agencies use to develop software. It follows the full path through the development of new software from planning to post-launch. There are many different forms of SDLC with [...]

Nov 24

Software Development Agency vs. Freelance Developer

Freelance developers have played an important part in making software development services available to a wider selection of businesses. Because they are independent, they could offer services that many smaller and medium-sized businesses wanted. Meanwhile, larger software development agencies focused [...]

Nov 11

10 Software Development Trends That Are Becoming Industry Standards

Software development trends often change the way that the industry works. Once something has become popular enough, the industry at large sees the potential value and adopts it as common practice. This is how many of the common trends and [...]

Nov 4

Automation and the Future of Software Development

The technology industry has one major advantage over every other industry: automation. The ability to develop new automation systems means that the technology industry has the ability to affect every other industry in ways that both make them more efficient [...]

Nov 2

Next Year’s Software Development Trends Happening Now

Software development continues to be one of the cornerstones of how businesses develop new resources for their operations. As technology and customers continue to become more complex, so too are the trends that people use to develop software. Agencies and [...]

Oct 16

How Top Software Developers Support Web Developers With Web Development Software

Open-source web development software created by software developers has changed the way that web developers create websites and mobile apps. Web development was notoriously difficult because of the wide range of factors that had to be accounted for when developing [...]

Oct 8

Reasons to Hire A Software Development Agency Over Freelancer

Developing new software is a great way to develop products, services, or resources for your company. Having custom-developed software can be a strategic advantage when trying to stand out from other companies. However, the process of developing software can be [...]

Aug 20

How to Pursue Hiring In Remote Software Development

Are you growing the technical side of your company through outsourcing? You are far from alone. IT staff augmentation and outsourcing have continued to offer companies great ways to build their software development muscle. Hiring developers – specifically to work [...]

Jun 3

A Smart Software Development Budget for 2020

Digital technology allows for organization that boosts productivity and creates stronger engagement with customers. Despite this, however, many tech initiatives are still seeing costs overrun, which damages the bottom line and undermines the value of software development. Estimating costs isn’t [...]

Jun 2

5 Custom Software Development Trends Every Business Should Know

Custom software development can enable your company to have programs that work for your exact needs instead of trying to force your operations into the functionality of an existing software program. Custom software doesn’t have to be too costly or [...]

May 14

Agile Software Development - Pros and Cons

Even if you only have a passing familiarity with software development, you’re probably aware of waterfall. Waterfall is a software development process that has several steps: analyse the requirements, design the solution, and implement the solution. This sounds simple enough [...]

May 12

How to Find a Reliable Software Vendor

Finding a good software vendor is much more than paying for a project and waiting for the finished product. In fact, it’s a pretty involved process – and, a process that becomes more refined and more involved at the same [...]

May 4

Successful Custom Software Development and How to Achieve It

Developing custom software can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are several different factors that can lead to smoother custom software development. In this article, we’ll go over how to make your custom software development dreams a reality. Process Process [...]

Apr 30

Microservices and the Future of Software Development

You don’t need to be a tech genius to recognize that the software industry continues to rapidly expand with each year. In 2019 alone, global IT spending reached a total of $3.7 trillion dollars. Additionally, market revenues are supposed to [...]

Apr 29

The In’s and Out’s of White Label Software Development Services

If you’re building your own software, you’ll often spend a large amount of your budget and a large number of hours in your day getting things built. But, with white label software development, this doesn’t always need to be the [...]

Mar 16

Software Development And Testing: 30 Effective Professional Recommendations

A good software development and testing process is key to ensuring a quality final product. There are no set rules on how to develop such a process, as every project is unique and requires a fair bit of flexibility. Here [...]

Mar 26

KitelyTech Named Top 1 per cent of Providers for 2019

The KitelyTech team is thrilled to announce we have been selected as a 2019 recipient for one of the most prestigious honors in the tech world: the UpCity Excellence Award! UpCity Excellence Award 2019 Every year, this honor is bestowed [...]

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