Master Color Psychology to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Mar 19
use color psychology

Learning how to use color psychology in website marketing is something that all website developers should be thinking about when it comes to optimizing their web pages for search engines. If you’re not, you’re missing out on a lot of potential profit. And one of the biggest challenges of website marketing is making sure that you have a good page that’s going to convert at a high percentage. This article will explain how to use color psychology in your web development efforts to increase conversion rates.

Colors Influence Emotion

Color psychology is the study of how colors actually affect human behavior. Although it is still relatively theoretical, many studies have found that people’s perceptions of colors are indeed very important to impulse buying and other types of consumer behavior. People tend to buy things that they think they would like, and certain colors can trigger a person’s inner urge to want that object. The theory behind color psychology is that we perceive the world around us based on our own experiences and expectations, and color psychology experts have found that certain colors trigger a specific set of brain functions.

There are actually several different ways that we perceive colors. One way is through our cognitive processes, which include our visual sense and our mental interpretation of color. Colors may evoke different emotions in us depending on the intensity or the duration of the color. Our emotional response to colors is also dependent on the objects which we view with our eyes. Another way in which colors may affect our emotional response is through our autonomic nervous system, which is involved in the maintenance and regulation of our bodies. Colors may evoke certain sensations in our body, such as fear, excitement, or pain, and the way that these sensations are expressed through our skin tone, bodily movements, and even our vocal cords gives the color a psychological meaning.

Choose Colors Based on Your Brand

When you choose the colors for different elements, it is important to choose colors that work with your business assets. There are colors that work best for specific elements and themes. For example, the colors that are most effective for website marketing are blues, greens, and blacks. Those colors have been used throughout the ages to create environments that are comforting, inviting, and relaxing. This is why we know so well how to use color psychology to increase conversion rates. Colors work to trigger the right brain response in people, and if you do that, you’ll get the kind of sales and marketing that you want.

Focus on How Customers’ Feel

The key to using colors effectively is to focus on how customers feel. People buy based on their emotions, and your goal should be to use the right collection of colors to positively influence your customers’ opinion of your products and services. This is a common question from website owners who are looking for a way to improve sales. 

The type of color that you use plays an important role in how customers feel. For example, if your website is filled with bright, vibrant colors, then you are likely to get a lot of traffic. Bright, vibrant colors are a good choice if they fit with your theme and can be easier to see under the right circumstances. These colors often contribute to a happier, more lively environment.

Using darker colors can cause a significant shift in your theme and how customers perceive it. Dark colors are used to portray anything from elegant to scary. Dark colors should be used sparingly though since they can be difficult to read under most circumstances. Your goal should be to find a balance between the darker colors and the brighter colors to balance the bright energy with the subdued formality that both types of colors provide. 

Maintain that Feeling Throughout Your Interactions

As you develop your approach to color theory, it should become a component of your overall business marketing and brand. You want the way you approach colors to be consistent across all of your interactions. This way, the successive interactions reinforce the effect that different colors have. 

This process is often a part of developing a company’s brand and follows a similar method. The goal is to create a plan for choosing and using colors to convey a particular feeling in the same way that the brand conveys an idea. Brands use color to this effect as well because companies want customers to feel a specific way about their brands. The method that you create for choosing colors should be extended to be a part of your brand so that there is a consistent way that your company implements color choices that are recognizable by customers. 

Hire Designers to Create a Color Plan

If your company is going to use color psychology in its operations, it can help to have a designer work on that plan with you. At KitelyTech, we work with companies to develop all aspects of their brands, including how they use colors when developing digital assets. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss how to use color more effectively in your business operations.

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