Why Cross Platform App Development is the Best Option for Getting Your Work Noticed

Dec 14
Cross Platform App Development

In today’s digital environment, information is more readily available than ever. However, people are being limited in what they can do by technology silos. The answer to your problems is cross-platform development to get your app on multiple platforms. Here is a deeper look at how cross platform app development gets your work noticed. 

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Cross-platform app development is the process of developing applications for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and web) using a single code base. In other words, it refers to the ability to write code once and get it running on multiple operating systems and devices. This process is accomplished by using different tools to transform your code for each platform.

Why Cross-Platform Development is Important Right Now

The benefits of cross-platform app development are many times more significant than they were in the past. With the internet of things (IoT) growing at an exponential rate, cross-platform development is the only way to go. 

As we begin to experience a more connected future, you will need your app to be cross-platform to reach the maximum number of people. For example, you might want to develop a fitness app that can track heart rate, oxygen, calories burned, and more. You will also want to be able to track your progress, so you can understand when you are getting better or need to work harder. 

This is a great idea, but it will not reach as many people as it could due to the technology silos. Your app will only be available to those who have an Apple or Android device. If a person has a Fitbit, Garmin, or another health tracker, they will not be able to use your app. 

With cross platform development, you can make your app work for everyone. No matter which device someone uses, they can interact with your app.

Benefits of Cross Platform App Development

There are several key benefits to making the switch to cross-platform development. These benefits include:

Increased Number of Users

If you develop your app for only one platform, you are limiting the number of people who can use it. With cross-platform development, you can make your app available to as many people as possible. 

Cost Effectiveness

With cross-platform development, you only have to code your app once. This means you only have to hire one programmer, which greatly reduces the cost of your project. 

Quick Time to Market

Since you are developing your app for multiple platforms at the same time, you can get it to market faster than if you were creating an app for each platform separately. 

Ease of Scalability – Since you only have to write your code once, you can easily modify it to meet the needs of each platform. As user needs or technologies change, making the changes to scale your app along with your business becomes much easier. Your code is also easier to maintain over time, letting you keep it slimmed down and lean so that you can easily scale to devices with less processing power and resources alongside the most up-to-date devices. 

Which Platforms Should You Choose?

When deciding which platforms to develop your app for, you want to think about how many people use each one. Many people use Apple and Android devices, but Windows and Linux are also popular options. The trick is to not overdo it. 

You want to choose the platforms that will get you the most users but not so many that you cannot handle the load. Two or three platforms are a good number. You can add more later if you want, but overdoing it will only cause you problems. 

Keep in mind that developing multiple platforms is not an easy task. It is a complex process that will take more time and effort than developing an app for a single platform. You should only attempt cross-platform development if you have the resources, time, and patience to complete the process effectively.

Get Help With Cross Platform Development

Developing for multiple platforms can be difficult, depending on which platforms you choose. Don’t struggle with development. Get help from a company like KitelyTech. We specialize in web development and app development for businesses. Call us at (800) 274-2908 to discuss your development needs.

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