Custom and SaaS Applications Are Now Closer For Smaller Businesses

Mar 5

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only my application could do this”, or “I need to go back to the office to fix this issue on my computer”? Due to the increased volume of solutions that compound daily, it can often feel overwhelming to find a software application that can handle your business’s workflows.

There has been a consistent rise in the availability of custom applications which were once thought of as financially out of reach for small businesses. Let’s take a closer look at this supposition.

Software-as-a-service applications (SaaS)

The word “application” can serve a variety of purposes with regards to digital platforms. A SaaS application is an internet-driven, subscription-based software whereby users can adapt the program to suit their workflow requirements due to the ability to customize settings.

These applications are developed with high innovation, then customization can be modified to fill a selective list that suits your business, small or large. The downside is SaaS products – because they’re not built specifically for your business and its needs – will inevitably include features you don’t need as well as lack features you do.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are specific programs downloaded onto mobile devices that don’t require an internet connection.Apps can utilize the internet, but are not restricted to only using the internet. For example, many apps can operate using a cell phone provider’s data. Other mobile apps, like emoji and Bitmoji, operate with the phone’s operating system once downloaded (no data or internet required).

A custom app is a creation that is uniquely engineered and designed to fulfill a specific workflow, goal, or purpose. For example, in the medical industry, many providers have created customized applications that streamline management tasks. A patient can directly communicate with their doctor, request refills, maintain a current list of allergies, read test results, and much more on their desktop or smartphone. This truly streamlines the business processes.

Website and app integrations

Application and website integrations expand capacity for customization. Websites are becoming more interactive and integrated every day. Thanks to the right programming development, advanced customization has become more simplistic. Users can now see what website visitors search for most frequently, where they are searching from, and how long they are searching without the need for specialized reporting or training.

Your small business should consider making an investment in a custom application or SaaS product this year. This will allow your business to look forward to higher work-hour yields and fewer distractions. Whether you opt for a start-from-scratch or a one-size-fits-all solution, software innovations are now more accessible and affordable for small businesses than ever before.

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