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By accepting your application to the KitelyTech Startup Scholarship, we are betting on your company. We will provide you development of your website, mobile app, software, etc.

why kitelytech

  • Because we believe you should never forget where you came from. We’ve been in your shoes. KitelyTech is made up of several entrepreneurs that have all had visions they turned into reality.
  • Because we believe that dreams are the foundation for the future. We have a passion for seeing people succeed and being a part of bringing new innovations into the marketplace.
  • Because we believe in collaborative partnerships. We want to grow with you, and will help elevate your brand by offering a reduced rate for expert approach and capabilities.
  • Because we believe that your story matters. We know it does, for a fact, and we want to be able to say KITELYTECH was the team that helped you bring it to life.

Why do we want to help startups?


Because we’ve been in your shoes. KitelyTech is made up of several entrepreneurs that have all had visions they were trying to turn into reality. We have a passion for seeing people succeed and being a part of bringing new innovations into the marketplace.

We believe in collaborative partnerships that will elevate your brand. We can offer an expert approach to help grow and scale your business.

  1. Application

    Tell us your story. Complete the intake form below to begin the application process.

  2. Phone Assessment & Qualification Interview

    Someone from our Startup Scholarship team will contact you to schedule a phone interview.

  3. Internal Review

    We wish we could take on the project of every entrepreneur who contacted us, but we only have so much bandwidth. We will review applications internally and make selections based on the initial intake form as well as qualification interview.

  4. Decision

    We hope to work with you! If you’re selected for our startup scholarship program, we’ll give you the good news and schedule a kickoff call. If we’re not able to take you on at the time of your application, we’ll let you know what you can do to become a more eligible candidate in the future.

what clients say

“After launching, the new website has demonstrated reliability and stability, with no downtime or functionality issues. KitelyTech’s efficient suggestions, transparent project management, and performance-driven approach continue to open new business opportunities.”


“Once implemented, the solution is expected to reduce hands-on management time by 40%. Despite delays not of their own making, KitelyTech keeps the project moving (and on budget) through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement.”


“The new, mobile-responsive site has increased customer interest and attracted positive feedback due to its user-friendly layout and stable performance. KitelyTech’s streamlined project management, responsiveness, and competitive price point contributed to an effective partnership.”

Stephan Forward

The MVP is complete and garnering positive user feedback. KitelyTech offered invaluable expertise in entrepreneurial development, which eased and expedited the process. They helped navigate complex issues and delivered high-quality work with exceptional customer service; one of the things they have been great about is getting back to me so quickly.


The feedback has been incredible…[the website] is elegant and simple. The finalized site has received a huge range of positive feedback from large companies, particularly for its design, use flows, and overall build. The team built an excellent site that required few tweaks, communicated effectively, and were responsive, dedicated listeners.

Eric Wynne

“I very much enjoyed working with Kitely, they were able to assess the project easily and move it along in a timely and efficient fashion with a great final product. Would definitely recommend!”


“The professionalism and swift action that KitelyTech offered my company was impeccable. Their vast knowledge of my needs was handled in a fast and responsive manner. My company is happy that we have finally found a partner that can help us close business at a faster and efficient rate, offering the tools we need to succeed over our competition.”


“Jason made everything very easy. Based on our conversations he was able to anticipate what we needed and tailor solutions that we hadn’t even considered. He and his team are clearly very knowledgeable, but they communicated to us in a simple and concise way; we worked in terms of clearly defined goals so we knew exactly what was being delivered on and when. Excellent. Overall highly recommend.”


“KitelyTech performed beyond our wildest dreams. We sought out for an eCommerce Solution and wound up with a completely customized software project to create KidStylin. The teams knowledge and expertise allowed us to build a platform that is consumer facing and fully operational. KitelyTech is a true partner and treats every project like it is their own. I can’t say enough about Jason White and his team. They are definitely on the top of my referral list.”



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