Fast and Easy Tips to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Oct 3
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Did you know that visitors to a website will decide if your content is relevant to them within 5 seconds? Building a website and then creating content does not mean you will automatically get leads, or that those leads will convert. A lot goes into website conversion optimization. It’s not enough to a local web design company in Detroit to include content on your website– you need web design services that can implement conversion strategies that work.

These fast and easy tips will help increase your website conversion optimization.

First, you need to understand what conversion rate optimization is and why it’s important for your business. According to Moz, a conversion is basically the term for getting a visitor to complete a site goal. Quite simply, conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the strategy of increasing the percentage of visitors to your website who follow through on your business’s call to action, like filling out a form, subscribing to your newsletter, becoming paid customers, or whatever action you ask. How many visitors does your site have? Of those visitors, how many of them have converted, i.e., performed a goal? Make sense?

What you want to do is increase your conversion rate, that is, get more visitors to become customers, subscribers, or whatever goal you set for your website. And conversion takes a lot more than simply telling people “Buy my stuff!”

Make sure your content and ads are relevant and consistent.

If you create an ad campaign, make sure that what’s said on your website’s landing page matches exactly what your ad says. If your content isn’t relevant to your visitors, your visitors will leave. Make your content relevant and make it count.

Create a sense of urgency by proposing something of value.

This is called creating a value proposition. You create something of value and tell your customers the value of the benefits they will receive if they purchase your product or use your services. You want to make it very clear how your product will improve their quality of life. One brand who does a great job of creating a value proposition is Evernote.

Make sure your content matches your target audience.

Know your audience is probably the most used phrases in content creation and web design, yet oft under-practiced by small businesses. Website design companies in Detroit know to pay attention to the language and tone used when presenting content to your target audience. If you are writing for a law firm, you don’t want to use a casual tone or slang.

Create attention-grabbing headlines.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Your headline is the first thing visitors will see when they come to your site. That means your website needs to be appealing, professional, and offers visitors something of value. Buffer’s Director of Marketing, Kevan Lee shared an insightful revelation about the power of headlines. “Take a recent, popular tweet from my timeline. Over 3,800 people saw the tweet. Fifty people clicked. That’s 76 times more people seeing the headline as reading the story.” Lee then goes on to share “eight headline strategies that are backed by psychology.”

  1. Surprise – “This Is Not a Perfect Blog Post (But It Could’ve Been)”
  2. Questions – “Do You Know How to Create the Perfect Blog Post?”
  3. Curiosity gap – “10 Ingredients in a Perfect Blog Post. Number 9 Is Impossible!”
  4. Negatives – “Never Write a Boring Blog Post Again”
  5. How to – “How to Create a Perfect Blog Post”
  6. Numbers – “10 Tips to Creating a Perfect Blog Post”
  7. Audience referencing – “For People on the Verge of Writing the Perfect Blog Post”
  8. Specificity – “The 6-Part Process to Getting Twice the Traffic to Your Blog Post”

Use customer testimonials and reviews to establish credibility.

Fun fact: 88% of consumers value online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your website and on reputable, review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Moo is an excellent example of leveraging customer reviews as a conversion tactic. They’ve placed a link to the reviews for a particular product directly under the headline for their new product.

Make sure your website translates to trustworthiness.

Including elements of trust on your website adds to your company’s credibility, and credibility leads to conversion. Ensure that your website includes your contact information, social media profiles, trust badges, certifications, and various verified payment methods.

Be open and honest about your products and services.

Consumers today are very savvy. Being transparent about your products should be a given, but it has to be said. Make sure your product descriptions are honest about dimensions, size, weight, color, etc.

Make sure your Call to Action is unmistakable.

Your call to action should attract your visitor’s attention. Make sure your call to action buttons use a strong verb or results driven. “Vote Now” or “Show Me How to Gain More Followers” are excellent examples of unmistakable calls to action because of the use of power words.

Use high-quality, relevant images to break up text.

Consumers process visual cues 60,000 times faster than text. If you have heavy text blogs, you can break up the monotony of reading with images and videos in addition to using smaller paragraphs.

Include social media sharing buttons on your website.

Make it easy for visitors to share your content with friends and family by enabling social media sharing buttons. The more people who share your content via social media, the more your credibility grows. You also want to make sure you are using the right social media platforms for your industry. If you own a restaurant Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest would be excellent for your business. If you own a dental clinic, Instagram and Snapchat would not be advisable.

Include a chat tool.

Chat tools are affordable and allow customers access to you when they need help or have concerns near instantly. You want to make sure your chat tool is conveniently placed but not obstructing the visitor’s view. One of the most annoying things for consumers is to have an inconvenient chat pop up in the middle of their screen, obstructing their ability to browse.

If you need help with website conversion rates, KitelyTech is a web design company in Detroit that understands the importance of conversion and has a team who is passionate about ensuring your website design works for you.

Call KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 today to learn more.

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