How To Find The Right Email Marketing Tools For Your Small Business

May 3
Email Marketing Tools For Your Small Business

Email marketing has always proven to be an effective method for selling products and for retaining and gaining customers. There are lots of effective and expensive marketing automation tools around in today’s digital age, but for a small business, this can often be too expensive, or too complicated.

If you’re a small business and want to enter the realm of email marketing, then keep reading. Below we discuss the best email marketing tools for small businesses that won’t break the bank.

Why use email marketing?

We’ve heard the cries that email marketing is dead, but the fact is, there are currently over 2.8 billion people using email, and that number is expected to rise to over 3 billion by 2020. So, the reality is, if you are ignoring email, then you are missing out on a significant number of potential customers.

It’s important not to take on the task of email marketing. There are a variety of tools and software platforms to help, which will help you scale up as your contact list grows:

1. Start with free

There are a variety of great tools and services that are free. They often have a limit on the tools you can use or the number of emails you can store, but for a small business, it’s a good place to start. These free services are a great way to get familiar with email marketing strategies and products and decide what works for your business without overspending your budget to do so.

Give a range of services a try then settle on what’s best for your small business.

2. Use email-only options

If you’ve got a tight budget, then consider using a service with email-only options that allows you to focus on marketing automation and allows you to segment your audience based on how they found you. This usually incurs a small monthly fee which can be worked into your budget.

3. Consider the future

Naturally, you want your small business to scale, and when your business does scale, it will require more advanced email marketing tools. It’s therefore important to choose a service that gives you the opportunity to integrate other solutions as you need them.

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4. Opt for automated responses

Another by-product of a thriving and scaling business is reduced time to dedicate to other tasks, such as email marketing. This means it’s important to opt for an email marketing tool that enables automated responses. This can free you up and allow you to stay focused on your primary business.

Search for a good quality email marketing system today to get your small business ready for the future.

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