Four B2B Web Development Risks You Need to Avoid

Feb 13

When you’re launching any online business, it is important to get your website right. However, there are a host of potential pitfalls awaiting B2B businesses when choosing a web development company.

So, what are the risks that threaten the success of any burgeoning startup?

Avoid the following pitfalls:

1. Hiring a Firm with a Narrow Field of Expertise

When decision makers look for a provider of web development services in Chicago, they look for expertise in their field. However, this is usually a counterintuitive approach. It’s always best to seek out a contractor with a wide range of experience in providing web development services. This shows the contractor can implement a range of business models. It also means the contractor can harness its expertise from several business sectors. This can be beneficial to the startup. A contractor with a narrow range of expertise may excel in a single field. However, it’s important to have a broad system view.

2. Taking Shortcuts

When decision makers choose a contractor in their field, they assume there’s no point in investing in an analysis. In such a case, they consider research, prototypes, and feature lists to be surplus to requirements. This may be reasonable in a blog or small corporate website. However, in the case of an e-commerce platform, B2B system or portal, it can cause huge losses.

When producing any B2B system, it is vital to take your time. It’s essential to analyze the means of implementation and the features of the portal. Creating prototypes, planning the production, and aligning the system’s outlook are all important before coding. This saves costs in the long run, eliminates the need for redevelopment, and prevents the chance of technical issues. While this phase may take up as much as 7 percent of your project’s budget, it’s well worth the expense. You can save a large number of funds in the long term. Since any B2B startup is a risky challenge, it is recommended to avoid risks in every possible way.

3. Dragging Out the Project Timeline

The length of any project also has an impact on costs. It’s important to match the development schedule with your funding model. With a linear process, a number of experts work together on various components of the project. While this approach works for small projects, in the case of a large platform it’s problematic. This is because the project often becomes outdated even before its launch.

It’s important to seek out a company specializing in web development in Chicago with an awareness of these risks. Here at KitelyTech, we’ve seen the benefits of involving a range of experts throughout each stage of a project. This mode of operation ensures a faster transition of expertise between project team members through each stage of development. It reduces excessive clarification iterations while shortening the project’s development cycle and reducing development costs.

4. Inflexible, Linear Development

Let’s take a look at why linear development is a potential pitfall. Take the case of a client who wants to develop a B2B website platform from the ground up. During a traditional linear workflow, two months are usually spent on requirement engineering, prototyping, and creating feature lists. After that, another two months are spent on correcting that prototype. This time will be spent on designing and correcting a layout and adjusting the designs. Web development won’t begin until the fifth month as corrections and adjustments often take longer than expected. As you can see, the process is tedious, complicated, long-winded, and, most importantly, risky in today’s competitive marketplace.

Here at KitelyTech, we reduce these iterations. After just two weeks, our requirement engineers have completed sufficient work to begin on other elements of the project. This allows work to begin quickly on producing prototypes, presenting results to marketing agencies, testing concepts, and implementing changes.

Thanks to this innovative approach, our clients can receive feedback on their projects within four weeks. This is a huge improvement over the four months it usually takes to reach this stage. Not only that, but we also employ different specialists to work simultaneously. We use developers during the stage of requirement analysis who can comment on ways of implementing site features. We also use developers in the prototyping stage who can share their visions regarding layout coding. While designers are most involved in the designing stage, they also influence prototyping. They can share their experience of UI/UX and support developers throughout development.

KitelyTech is a leading web development company in Chicago. You can rely on us to ensure your project’s success.

We aren’t just a website development company. We’re also specialists in all elements of B2B digital marketing and design. That puts us in the best position to ensure you avoid the common problems that befall startups when launching websites.

KitelyTech is an expert in the web development field. When you’re choosing a web development company in Chicago, make us your number one choice.

Call KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 today for more information.

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