Four Ways to Create the Best Digital Product Pages

Jul 20
Create the Best Digital Product Pages

If you have just launched your first eCommerce website or you are planning to launch one in the near future that sells digital products, then you must be wondering how to create the best digital product pages for your site. You can start by making sure that your digital product description is very interesting and eye-catching to the point that the customer would want to read more and thus, click on the link to your site to learn more about what you have to offer. As you start to brainstorm and plan the content for your digital product pages, here are some strategies to keep in mind.

Understand the Difference Between Product Pages for Physical and Digital Products

Creating digital product pages is not that simple. While you may be able to easily write physical product pages, you cannot do the same for digital goods such as eBooks, manuals and educational materials, e-courses, and digital greeting cards. There is nothing tangible to show customers or to provide the specs on.

There are specific things you need to keep in mind when it comes to designing digital product pages. First, you need to remember that eCommerce websites should have product descriptions as well as images, even for digital products. This can include screenshots of the product or sample pages. The product description includes general information about the product like its specifications and features. You can include more descriptive phrases or just provide a short description as needed.

The images that go with your digital product pages must also be specified in your digital marketing material. The images must be small enough to fit into the mobile version of the website but large enough to give people an idea of what your digital product pages will look like. All pages should be mobile responsive.

Another important thing to take note of when designing your digital product pages is to make sure that your product descriptions and images accurately represent the product. This will let consumers know whether they’re looking at real product information or just stock images and therefore will give a big boost to your sales. Customers want to know what they’re going to get with their purchase.

Brand Consistently

The ability to brand your digital product pages with your company logo and other promotional details is one of the most important and cost-effective ways to ensure your company’s online presence. People looking for products or services will not open a link on your site unless it has a reference to your brand. They trust your brand and want to only purchase items from reputable sites they trust. With digital product pages you are able to build your brand right into them, and this will increase the number of people who find your company and thus increase the number of products or services that are purchased from you.

Branding your content in digital product pages is also about being consistent. Having the same branding across an array of digital product pages ensures that visitors to these sites will become familiar with what it is that you have to offer. If your brand is not connected to a specific product, or if you have used it in the past on another site and then used it on your digital product page without creating a link to the original product page, visitors will be confused and won’t understand why they are seeing it. 

Harness Emotion

Digital product pages are not only targeted towards selling products, but they are also highly informative pieces. If you want to get maximum traffic, it is imperative that you highlight the benefits of your products. However, if you want to have a meaningful impact on the minds of people who purchase your products, you should also do your homework and understand the psychology of buying. What needs do your products fill? How will buying this product make them feel? Incorporate this into your product descriptions.

Be Descriptive in as Few Words as Possible

There are many benefits of concise product descriptions. Most digital products are short in length and require little explanation, that is why having a clear and concise description is so important when creating a digital product for an eCommerce website. The product description is your first chance to sell your digital product to your customers and you must grab their attention immediately by providing a clear description of your item.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that not all digital products have long descriptions, as customers may not read a 4,000 word product description. A digital product description can be as short as one sentence or can be as long as a page worth of content. As long as your product is clearly described, your customers will know exactly what your product is and will be able to order it quickly.

If your product is not described properly or engaging then your customers will not know what to do with it and will just click off your site. You can lose a lot of money from your eCommerce website if your product doesn’t get sold. The only way that you will be able to ensure that your product gets sold is to create a great digital product description for it. The product description should clearly articulate the benefits without wasted words.

A digital product page is not something that can be done with little effort. It takes time and lots of practice before you can really master it. But as long as you know what keywords to use, you should be able to create effective digital product pages. Remember to keep in mind that your digital product description should provide information on the product as well as enough so that the customer understands why they should buy it from you.

Since there is no physical product packaging or displays for customers to see, having an effective digital product page means the difference between securing a sale or not. KitelyTech can help you develop your product page, write the content, and ensure that it is SEO optimized. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to schedule a consultation to see how we can help you to improve your site’s search engine ranking. 

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