How to Create a Strong Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2021

Aug 17

Influencers already have established followings of people interested in a specific topic. Influencer marketing remains a great way to get your products or services in front of an interested and targeted audience. Here are some ways that you can create a strong influencer marketing strategy in 2021.

Brand Awareness vs. Lead Generation

Influencer marketing campaigns generally fall into two goal categories: increasing brand awareness and generating new leads. Depending on your goals, your influencer marketing strategy should change to adapt.

For instance, if your only goal is to increase brand awareness and likes for your business’s social media channels, giving away products to an influencer to try out and customer feedback could be enough to accomplish this goal. However, this may not do anything to generate leads. A more comprehensive strategy might be required.

Determine Your Budget

You will likely have to pay for influencer marketing. At a very minimum, you would have to pay to ship the influencer free products to review. However, many influencers will demand payments outside of free products or services in exchange for featuring your company on their channels. This could include the development and payments related to an affiliate marketing program.

Influencers with very large followings may charge more than those just getting started. In some cases, it makes sense to pay more to get your company in front of more eyes. By determining your budget, you’ll have a better idea of how many influencers you can afford to work with.

Connect with the Right Influencers

Having the largest number of followers or the lowest prices does not mean that an influencer is the right one to work with your company. A large number of followers doesn’t mean anything if they’re not interested in the types of products or services your company sells. It might be worth more to connect with a more targeted influencer, whether they cost more or have fewer followers.

You will also want to work only with the most professional influencers with experience. After all, this person will represent your brand. You will want to ensure that they will represent your company well and be able to deliver the expected deliverables in a timely manner.

Monitor and Measure Results

Before you agree to another influencer marketing campaign, it is a smart idea to know how the campaign performed. You will need to monitor the campaign’s performance and measure the end results to know if it was a good use of resources. If you don’t see any ROI at all, it might not be effective to utilize the same exact strategy again.

Think Outside of the YouTube Box

There are many different avenues to consider with influencer marketing. This includes YouTube channels, Instagram influencers, and TikTok influencers. At KitelyTech, we have seen much success with guest blog posts, which can be a type of influencer marketing where your content goes onto the personal blog of another person. There are a lot of different opportunities that your team can consider.

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