How to Create the Best Social Media Content For a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Dec 29
Best Social Media Content

Publishing high-quality social media content is important if you want to build a large group of followers and have the best chances of having people engage with your content. Fortunately, creating high-quality social media content does not have to be difficult or expensive. Here are some strategies that you can use to generate quality social media content on a consistent basis for your brand.

Create 100% Original Content

While it is okay to share articles that you find from other sources that your audience would be interested in from time to time, don’t allow shares from other social media accounts to dominate your page. If a social media user is interested in the content, they’ll simply follow the other company or brand’s page instead of yours. Instead, you need to give them a reason to follow your page and share your content.

This starts by creating 100% original content. Even avoiding the use of stock photos can be a smart idea, as people have probably already seen that stock photo before and are more apt to not pay attention to it. Share your company’s blog posts, press releases about awards and new product launches, and infographics that others will want to share. If people like the content, they will have to share your post, which can gain you new followers.

Stick to Your Content Marketing Plan

Social media strategy should not be used in isolation from your content marketing plan. Rather, it is an important part of your content marketing plan. It is a place where you can share other facets of your marketing plan, such as blog posts, as well as interact with potential customers, resolve customer complaints, and post reviews. All of this can be helpful in maintaining a successful online presence. 

The tone, voice, and goals that you have on social media should align with the content marketing strategies that you utilize elsewhere. Ideally, readers will be able to identify that the content comes from your page without really having to verify it. The content, messaging, and brand voice will seem natural to them as a part of your company’s branding. 

Share Information About Your Team and Customers

People who follow you on social media want to know more about the people that are behind your company. They want to support a brand and your team. By sharing information about your team, either through spotlight posts or pictures of employee events, you create real credibility for your team. There are real people that work there who care about customers and there is nothing scammy or dishonest about the brand.

You can also build credibility in other ways, but sharing information about your customers (with their permission). If customers post photos of them using your company’s products, then reposting them and sharing can give other future customers confidence in your products. It is also original content that is more engaging than any stock image that you can find. 

Host Giveaways and Contests

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Hosting giveaways and contests on your social media page can have phenomenal results as a social media marketing campaign. Even if someone finds your page after the contest is over, they might decide to follow your page in the event that you host another giveaway where they can win something. 

During the contest or giveaway, you can set specific rules, such as needing to leave a comment, like the page, or share the post. This is one way that you can organically grow your social media following and reach simply by giving something away to interested customers. Depending on your cost of goods, this strategy might only cost you time but pay back in dividends in terms of engagement.

Film Videos

Many people simply prefer to watch videos than to read anything on social media. This is part of the reason why YouTube continues to be such a successful social media platform. You can incorporate videos into all of the other major social media platforms. It isn’t necessary to have all of your posts have a video component. However, some of the posts should. 

You can balance professional quality videos with short videos that do not include professional production. For instance, recording a speech or filming a live event at your business does not require you to hire a videographer to film it. You can use a smartphone or DSLR camera to shoot short videos that you can share.

In a world where there are millions of social media accounts, creating high-quality content is one of the ways that you can stand out and succeed. Contact KitelyTech for assistance in crafting high performing backlinks, social media, and SEO. Our team of experts can help you navigate the changing world of digital marketing and search engine performance.

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