How to Optimize Your Google Map Listing

Jan 4
Google Map Listing

A Google Map listing can be a helpful way for customers to connect with local businesses offering the services and retail products that they need. You’ve likely already interacted with dozens of Google Map listings without realizing it. Any time that you’ve looked for a local car repair shop on Google, there is a good chance that what you found included a Google Map listing.

If you haven’t already optimized your Google Map listing, here are some ways that you can optimize your Google Map listing today to improve search engine relevance and increase traffic to your website and business.

Claim the Listing

Your company may have a Google Map listing and not even realize it. Many Google Map listings are not generated by a business owner but rather compiled from information Google has access to. The first step is to see if your business already has a listing created by Google. If it does and no one else has claimed it, you can select the button to claim the Google Map listing within the listing itself. If no listing comes up, you can create a new Google Map listing by adding your business and its physical address into Google My Business. At the time of this writing, only businesses with physical locations and addresses can have a Google Map listing, as it is intended to show where people can go to visit your business.

If someone else has claimed your business in error, you can contact Google’s support team for guidance. You need to let them know that you want to claim your business’s Google Map listing but are unable to do so. You may need to prove that you own the business and maintain a location there in order for the listing to be released. This may include uploading ownership paperwork and entering a code that you receive on a mailed card sent to your address. In general, Google works with small business owners to make sure that the listings are as accurate as possible on Google Maps.

Ensure Accurate Information

When it comes to optimizing your Google Map listing, having a clear understanding of what information you should focus on will lead you down the path of success. A Google Map listing is comprised of relevant information about your company, including your physical address, name, opening hours, and contact information. You want to make sure all of the information in the Google Map listing is relevant and accurate, as it might be the only information that a potential customer sees about your business before making a decision to buy or visit. Too many businesses leave outdated or otherwise incorrect information in their Google Map listing to their own disadvantage.

Select the Right Categories

It’s important to select the right categories in which to place your business listing. This is important in getting customers to find your company using the search engine, and it also shows the customer what kind of services you can offer. Be as accurate as you can in choosing categories and select as many as possible that are relevant. You want all customers to have a clear idea on what it is your company does and can offer to them.

Add Photos and Videos

It’s also essential to add photos and videos to your Google Maps listings. People feel more comfortable visiting a business that they know is in a safe spot and looks reputable. You can add photos and videos of your physical location, your staff members, and how your product is made. Imagine seeing the team that makes chocolates locally versus an empty listing about a chocaltier. The one with photos and videos is far more engaging. Who wouldn’t want to visit and try some freshly made chocolates?

Get Reviews

In order to get customer reviews of your business location, sometimes you simply need to ask for reviews. Send out emails to past and current clients with a link to review your business on Google. This way, their feedback will show up on your Google Map listing and give other future customers confidence about working with your company.

Create Related SEO Content on Your Business’s Website

Your business’ online presence is vital for any type of online business. It’s not enough to have a website; if no one knows you exist, you have no business. To ensure the most visibility and to increase conversion rates, it’s imperative to optimize your Google Maps listing. This can include filling out all fields and making sure that it aligns with what customers will find on your website. The listing and website should reflect each other well and work together.

Google Map listings tend to be overlooked by many companies as a way to strategically build their online presence and drive new traffic to company websites. For local customers, Google Map listings can be invaluable. Partner with KitelyTech to learn more about how to gather more backlinks and improve your search engine performance.

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