How to optimize your small business WordPress website

Nov 23
small business WordPress website

Setting up a website for your small business is an important part of making your business successful. Having a website that can drive traffic because of its high SEO ranking can be the competitive edge that you need to get off of the ground. There are many ways that you can affect your website’s SEO optimization. In this article, we discuss five ways to optimize your small business WordPress Website and make it the advantage that you need to be successful in any market. 

Choose an Effective Theme

One of the best features of WordPress is the ability to choose different themes easily. However, many business owners are more focused on what the theme looks like rather than how well it is structured. The theme that you choose can have a substantial impact on your website’s SEO ranking. This is because the structure of the website is a determining factor in how search engines find content on sites. 

One example of this is the large banner format that many business owners choose. While it does offer large images that make it easier to have a positive impression on your customers, it also creates a lot of content between the top of the page and the content that is important for SEO. If you do not manage this properly, you may find that the search engine struggles to find the right content about your website, reducing your ranking. With proper planning, you can address this problem. 

What most companies do is to take advantage of the meta features like alt tags to get the most important information at the top of the page. The title tag, for example, can be used to provide information about your website and company without taking up space at the top of the page. That way, search engines find important information right away without having to bypass pictures and other parts of the website. Alt tags for the banner pictures can also be helpful inserving information to search engines right away. If used correctly, you can tell search engines multiple things about your website before you even get to the first paragraph about it. 

Pick the Right Domain Name

Your website’s domain name also says a lot about your website. Picking the right domain name can move you much closer to the top of the search engine rankings. To do this, pick a domain name that is short and easy to remember, and also is highly related to the topic of your website. For example, the domain name “” clearly indicates that the website is about playing poker. Search engines pick up on the keywords in domain names and can use them to associate websites with specific topics before learning anything else about the website.

If you make use of keywords for your business, you can even make your domain name SEO friendly. Many businesses choose names that include locations and specific keywords. This makes the domain name both geolocation-friendly and keyword-friendly so that it will rank highly in multiple ways. 

Tell People What Your Company is About

One of the best ways to incorporate keywords, develop core content for your website, and help your customers understand your company is to tell people what your company is about. You should do this on your homepage, the about page, and in other important parts of your website. While it may seem obvious to you, most of the people that visit your website will only know a little bit about your company. This is your chance to really go into detail about your company, your backstory, and the relevant details to give your company a personality. Customers want to interact with companies that feel human and personal. Telling people what you are about is a great way to do that.

Tailor WordPress to Your Needs

WordPress is a great system for managing content on a website, but many businesses only scratch the surface when discovering what WordPress can do. From URLs to page structure, everything about WordPress can be tailored to help your company improve its WordPress SEO. Take advantage of these different features to make your site and user experience truly unique. 

WordPress can also integrate powerful SEO tools to make managing site-wide SEO for WordPress easier. If you run your website on WordPress, then you should have a system in place to monitor your SEO and make improvements directly within WordPress. The benefits make the effort in understanding such a system well worth the time. 

Get Help From KitelyTech

If you have questions about WordPress SEO, developing your company’s website, or managing SEO through content development, contact the team at KitelyTech. We specialize in helping companies get a better start online through web development, content creation, and SEO management. With our help, we can work together to grow your company organically through location-specific SEO and SEO for businesses. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to schedule a consultation to help your company optimize its SEO practices.

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