How To Successfully Launch A Product With A Software Development Partner

Dec 13
software development partner

It goes without saying that transforming a startup vision into reality is a long, and often cumbersome, path. It all begins with a simple product idea and evolves until you release the first version of a software product. However, it is a never-ending process as you are required to keep on releasing the new versions with new features to enhance user experience. Regardless, you want even the first version, the minimum viable product (MVP), to be as effective and unproblematic as it can be. In most scenarios, it is only possible if you have a software development partner working with you. Imagine, an experienced team transforming your vision into reality while you are focusing on other key areas to make the product launch successful.

According to a report, almost 30% of the US startups outsource their product development projects to a contractor. When you choose to outsource a software project, you have to make a crucial decision as the company will act as your partner rather than just a contractor. Thus, your software development partner should be one who brings all of the expertise to the table in order to make the overall project successful. This way, both companies have the chance to grow together with mutual efforts. Be on the lookout for signs of discord early on; if your software development partner is not fulfilling their duties from the start, there is a higher chance that things will get worse down the road.

It is worth putting in time to do your due diligence and carefully vet the software development firms you are considering. It is crucial to make the right decision, as once you have selected the software development partner, half of your work is done. Then, you can focus on how to get the other half done effectively. Your development partner will be taking care of turning your innovative idea as a functional software. Most of the time, you do not have a clear idea whether your product is relevant to the market and your target audience or not – which is why you should work on your MVP so that it has minimum functionality yet it solves the problems of your audience. This will test the waters and determine whether there is any demand for your product. This is the primary reason why startups or businesses choose to outsource their projects from development, testing, to delivery.

If you are looking to make your product launch with a software development partner successful, here are a few things that you need to do:

  • Clearly analyze and state your requirements: It is important to analyze and state clear requirements of projects to your software development partner. Communication is the key to success. Thus, regular discussion regarding demands, expectations, and goals will help them in creating precise and well-planned project documentation. This is the most basic form of a vision of your future product and its features. Apart from this, the project documentation is also the foundation block of the next step.
  • Logical design and system: As discussed above, the project documentation will help you efficiently design the UI/UX of your software product. In addition, when your software development partners begin to form the logical system on the basis of the documentation, the requirements stated above will further clarify. Hence, the UI/UX design will help your team come up with a product specification.
  • Implementation of the requirements and design: Here, your software development partner will be making a minimum viable product (MVP) for you. The phase includes development, implementation, and testing of the software product.

The above list is something that you software development partner will take care of resulting in readying a product for launch. Meanwhile, you can work on other key areas to facilitate a successful product launch.

Note: Make sure that you work on the strategic points given below while your product is under development. This will give you more time to make sure it is done efficiently:

  • The first thing you can do is make an advertising and marketing plan so that your product gains maximum traction among the intended users. It is important to get the word out about your upcoming product.
  • You can also make a monetization plan on the basis of the USP of your product. This way, you can predict the number of users willing to invest in it because it offers something that the competitors do not in the market.
  • Appreciate the feedback and choose the right tools to hear what users have to say about your product.

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