The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Software Development

Apr 11
Impact of AI in Software Development

Software is at the root of all technological advancements these days. From services like Amazon’s drone deliveries to online platforms that act as remote work environments, software development is the axis around which our new virtual world spins. 

But while software is the main focus of technological advancement, new technologies often influence software in return. Lately, there’s been a growing number of enterprises that have adopted emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), into their software development cycles. The impact AI has already had on software development is profound, with far-reaching effects. In a survey conducted by Forrester, software development and delivery teams predict AI software engineering will greatly improve software development through automated testing and tools created to streamline the development process. That being said, AI is all but guaranteed to make software development faster, easier, and more reliable in the future.

Worried about what will happen when AI works its way into your software development cycle? Don’t be. Software development is changing, but you can leverage AI to stay ahead of the tech curve. Keep reading to learn all about the impact of AI in software development

AI Functionalities in Software Development

Studies show that 80% of companies now hold investments in artificial intelligence. Understanding how AI functionalities will shape the future of software development will give you an advantage in the marketplace. Software developers who employ AI functionalities are capable of delivering customizable products and services in ways customers haven’t yet seen. 

One major functionality that AI provides software development is the automation of tasks. By relegating the responsibility of automated tasks to AI-powered computers, it benefits both the efficiency and reliability of the entire development cycle. 

Another function AI offers is machine-based decision making. When developers can rely on AI-powered machines to make decisions and balance computer power with service load, auto-scaling infrastructure becomes possible. 

Areas Impacted by AI

AI impacts several key areas within the software development cycle: software design, software testing, and code generation. 

First and foremost, software design is a specialization in its own right, requiring certain experience to achieve definitive solutions. Digital artists are inherently error-prone when choosing a final software design, clouded by biases and personal tastes. But artificial intelligence developers have designed tools, like AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), that are capable of filtering through the needs and desires of a client. This way, AI can select appropriate, customized software designs suited perfectly for each client. By automating the complex design selection process, you can rest assured your software will be designed to perfection. 

Secondly, quality control benefits enormously from AI, which has the capacity to automate software testing like never before. Perhaps the most crucial phase of the development cycle, software testing can be a laborious and costly task to perform manually. But with AI tools, testing is automatic and error-free. 

Finally, AI provides implications for code generation as well—one of the most time-consuming areas of the software development cycle. Right now, coding is still too complex for AI to handle alone. Human intervention is required to properly write code. But in the near future, intelligence programming assistance with AI tools will be able to process natural language, and even convert your verbalized project idea into executable code. And who knows—soon enough, AI may even be able to generate code on its own too. 

Benefits of AI

Now that you understand how AI will impact the future of software development, you can better appreciate all the ways AI already benefits software today. For instance, data security—a critical issue in its own right—has never been better. AI tools now have the ability to collect, monitor, and investigate data from software users, learning to distinguish irregularities, false notifications, and alerts. This benefits software security for both users and developers.

Identifying bugs and errors has also improved significantly thanks to the adoption of AI. With AI’s help, coding is easier for software developers, allowing for more enhanced software with fewer bugs getting in the way. 
Staying up-to-date in the software industry is a full-time job. And integrating software with AI can seem daunting. That’s why many companies turn to business partners like KitelyTech, INC. for assistance. At KitelyTech, INC., we work with companies to develop and implement new software solutions. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your business’s software needs and find out how we can help.

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