Implement HTTPS on Your E-Commerce Site, or Watch it Crumble With New Chrome

Sep 14
Implement HTTPS on Your eCommerce Site

There is never a good time to call attention to the fact that your website is not secure. However, in the wake of the massive Equifax data breach, now is an especially bad time to do so. With 44% of the US population affected by the hack of the credit company, Americans are likely to double down on their online security in coming months.

“Better safe than sorry” is never a bad strategy. But also coming in the next few weeks is Google Chrome’s push to have all business e-commerce websites HTTPS compliant. To evolve from an HTTP to HTTPS URL, companies must purchase an SSL certificate that encrypts sensitive customer information (think address, credit card, etc) to keep it safe from would-be hackers.

Since Chrome 56 launched in January of this year, Google has been slowly rolling out the “not secure” warning for non-HTTPS pages including a credit card or passport field. Google began with pages viewed in incognito mode, as users deliberately select to browse in this mode when they want additional privacy.

Chrome labels HTTP pages as “not secure”

Perception is as important in reality in the online marketing world. The way Chrome labels HTTP pages as “not secure” with a caution symbol is a daunting proposition for e-commerce storefronts not already HTTPS compliant. Customers are likely to assume such a site has been compromised (read: hacked), and shop the (“secure” HTTPS) competition instead.

If your site does not already include HTTPS in the domain, don’t panic. There are several easy steps you can begin to take today to have it sorted out by the time Chrome makes the “not secure” warning all-encompassing in October. Begin by checking out any support documents your domain host provides in the way of setting up an SSL certificate with their system. This is a good time to make use of your hosting provider’s live chat feature, if available, because they can not only tell you where to obtain SSL information as it pertains to your hosting provider and package, but also walk you through the setup process. Many domain providers offer free SSL certificates, or the option to purchase such an upgrade through an existing domain package.

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