Improving Your E-commerce with Better Magento Developers

Oct 12
Improving Your E-commerce

Magento has been around for some time and is primarily used to build e-commerce websites. As a platform dedicated to e-commerce, many software developers and companies find it to be one of the best solutions available. This can present some problems for companies because Magento is a specialized platform. Because of this, the quality of your e-commerce solution depends on the skills and experience of your developer. Fortunately, there are ways to identify the right developer for your Magento project.

Types of Magento Developers

The Magento Community has been a lot of time trying to make it easier to find the right developer or specific projects. To that end, developers are grouped into three essential categories. They include:

  • Solution Partners: Developers focused creating meaningful experiences and helping you grow your business.
  • Technology Partners: Developers focused on using Magento technologies to enhance your operations.
  • Community Insiders: Influential community members or groups that can help you get started in the Magento community.

By identifying your needs and choosing the right type of partner, you can get the specific type of help that you need to get the best results out of your project. For example, a project where a company already has a Magento platform established for e-commerce but needs new functionality and a better way to manage its operations would likely work with a Technology Partner. A company that is trying to set up a Magento Based e-commerce platform would likely work with a Solution Partner to help design their new system.

Check Certifications

Adobe, the company responsible for Magento, offers a lot of specialized training courses and certifications for best Magento developers. You can use these to check the credentials of any developer that you are looking to work with. Magento developers work hard to get the certifications because they help them stand out in the community. Plus, having that certification means that they completed the official training offered by Adobe. If you want the best results, you want to work with an agency specifically trained by the company responsible for the platform in a specific area.

The Magento Partner Program

Adobe is aware that many companies are looking for business partners to help them with their Magento needs. In response to this, Adobe created the Magento Partner Program. It tries to identify and certify companies that can help you with specific types of Magento problems so that you can get the most out of the platform. It divides companies into different levels including business, professional, enterprise, global elite, and community insider.

Every project requires a different set of resources and a different type of partner to work with. Using the Magento Partner Program, you can quickly identify the companies that have the right resources and experience to help you with your problem. 

To make this easier, Adobe limits the number of companies in each level based on their certifications, resources, and quality of service that they provide. The business partner group is among the smallest options but provides the most in terms of company size and resources. If you are in a smaller company and want to work with another small company, the community insider and enterprise levels may be more suited to your needs.

Identify Your Needs Up Front

One of the biggest problems that companies face when trying to find a Magento developer to help them is that they are unsure of what services or expertise they need. Having an unclear understanding of what changes you want to make and what you need to do to make these changes makes it difficult to pick the right development partner. Whether you need someone for Magento e-commerce development or a Magento website development project, there are specific skills and qualities that you will need in your developer. 

Start by analyzing your project to see what changes need to be made. If your goal is to set up a new e-commerce platform based on Magento, you will likely need Magento ecommerce developers to help you build the system. If you do not have a website to put your e-commerce system on, then you will need to look for someone who can help you with Magento website development. Make your goals and expectations as clear as possible before beginning the search for a Magento Ecommerce developer. This will help you avoid choosing the wrong one and starting your project off on the wrong foot.

Choose a Partner with Magento Experience

At KitelyTech, we have extensive experience helping companies with their Magento and e-commerce platforms. We have worked with companies trying to build platforms from scratch, as well as companies that need to refine their existing systems. In both cases, we are able to catalyze positive improvements in their operations. Give us a call at (800) 274 2908 to start working on your next project.

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