Increase Your Business Volume with These 9 E-Commerce Website Development Strategies

Apr 9
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Using e-commerce website development is a great way to boost traffic to your online store and allow new and existing customers to easily access your products. With the ever-increasing popularity of accessing the internet for both goods and information, ensuring that your online storefront is easily accessible and simple to navigate is extremely important to accumulating leads, and followers. There are trained specialists who specialize in e-commerce web development, that may be beneficial to building your business. If one of these professionals is not quite in your budget yet, consider implementing one or all of the nine strategies below.

1. Build Your E-Mail Subscribers

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase your customer base, as well as to entice new customers is through the use of email marketing. Email marketing is a way to reach your customers on all of their devices, while providing a customer specific message. The best way to begin increasing your email subscribers is to work on promoting your blog or newsletter and encourage existing customers to share with others. Many e-commerce web development services use email to increase revenue, as it has been proven to be incredibly successful.

2. Try an Analytical Tool Kit

Many e-commerce web development services utilize and recommend the use of analytical software. This system allows you to increase customer conversion and turnover. A company like Yandex is free, and ties into Google analytics as well.

3. Make Instagram Work For You

Instagram is one of the most accessed social media sites, with over half a billion users. You can use Instagram’s high-quality photos and videos to connect with your audience. Instagram also allows you to schedule posts, so as to reach the most curious viewers. With the right hash tags, tailored to your company, you can see sales improve. An e-commerce web development company may be useful to access in order to truly see the benefit of Instagram for your business.

4. Facebook Stores

Facebook as you well know, is a hugely popular social media platform. Millions of people all over the world use Facebook to connect, to inform, and even to shop! Why not use this platform to your advantage, and offer products via a Facebook store? This platform is easy to meld with a Shopify store front, ensure that all inventory is easily tracked. 

5. Implement Re-Marketing

Nike, Amazon and even Wal-Mart are all fans of re-marketing. This technique allows you to offer shoppers a very tailored advertisement, often creating the push people need to commit to a purchase. This method reminds customers in a personalized way, of the needs they can have met through your products.

6. Motivate Customers Through Reviews

Customers like to hear what other customers have to say. Product reviews are one way to do this. Reviews can help to boost shopper confidence and generate more leads and sales. Reviews also act as a barometer for your products, allowing you to see any changes that need to be made to accessibility or even product offerings.

7. Make it Mobile Friendly

More and more frequently, people are shopping from mobile devices. The convenience of smart phones and shopping apps have made it easy for customers to access what they need in an efficient manner. To ensure that your website is easily accessible to your mobile clients, consider offering images in a different format, allowing for all users to quickly view products. An “add to cart” button is another way to quickly allow shoppers to fulfill what they are looking for.

8. Recognize Weak Points Through Optimized Product Pages

Investing your website can provide helpful information. In doing so, you are able to visualize lost opportunities, who is purchasing your wares, and what is stopping them. The introduction of conversion rate optimization will help you to see where your business can improve and garner more sales. Once you have spotlighted the holes, it is time to introduce some new theories and evaluate how they work to increase traffic.

9. Reward Loyalty

Returning customers are more likely to recommend your products to others who are in need of them. They are also at a higher likelihood of purchasing more over the course of a year. Rewarding these loyal customers only makes sense. Doing so, will keep your company and products in the forefront of their minds. You can offer rewards in any way you see fit. Some e-commerce web development services have recommended a points system, discounts for referring friends, or even free shipping on purchases over a certain dollar amount. Ensure your customers are aware of these bonuses through an email, or even text message program. While the introduction of these techniques may take some time, they have been proven effective If you are finding yourself struggling with implementing these strategies, consider using an e-commerce website development company. Even if you believe it to be above your budget, investing time in a professional could hugely boost your online traffic.  

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