Internal Linking to Boost SEO Rankings in 2021

Dec 23
Internal linking to boost seo ranking

When you create online content, one of the ways that are recommended for you to improve page performance is by linking to other pages on your website. Doing so creates a network of pages that are connected and then search engines will be more likely to give a higher rank. The process of creating internal links is relatively easy, but not every link produces the desired results. There is a method of linking pages so that you can receive the benefits while avoiding potential problems. In this article, we discussed how to boost page performance with internal linking.

Search Engine Crawling

Perhaps the most prominent reason to focus on internal linking on your website is search engine crawling. When search engines look for pages to rank, they will go to a page and begin reading the content that they can find. Throughout the process, it will look for links to other pages with relevant content. Once it is finished with the page that it is on, it will follow the other links to see what those pages are about. Based on what it finds, the search engine can change the rank of the current page and the page attached to it.

When search engines crawl your website (i.e. searches through your pages), you want it to find links to relevant content in the right places. This creates a network of pages about similar pieces of content, which search engines find highly valuable. Readers will find it valuable as well since they can find more information about the topic that they are researching without having to do separate searches for information.

To improve your website’s SEO ranking through internal linking, place links strategically throughout your content. Make sure that your links are relevant to the topic being discussed and links to articles with information about the topic. Do not overstuff your pages with links no matter how relevant they are. Too many links show that search engines should be focusing on the other pages rather than the page that they are on.

Link to Keyword Content

The links that you create in your content must be relevant to the content on the page that the link is placed on. One way you can make sure that this happens is by creating links out of your keywords. By choosing keywords, you are choosing some of the most relevant parts of your articles to focus on and linking to articles the keywords are about. This is a common method of providing more information about a topic without having to fully explain individual parts every time they come up. This is how many articles are written for more advanced readers while still being useful for less experienced readers on the same topic.

Map Your Links

Determining what you are going to link and which pages need to be connected can be difficult unless you plan a strategy ahead of time. This is common with the websites or when companies try to redo their existing websites. The goal is to make sure that the links that you include create a cohesive and relevant chain of topical information that helps readers better understand the topic.

You can improve the quality of your link structure by mapping your links throughout your website. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most common is called a link tree. It starts at the homepage and creates a chain of links through the pages that resembles the branches of a tree. By setting up your pages this way, you can easily track which pages are connected and in what order. That way, you can make sure that follow a relevant path through your content. This will also help improve the quality of the information the search engines follow when they crawl through your website.

Link to Authority Pages

Authority pages are pages on your website that thoroughly explain a topic and establish you as an expert on the topic. These pages tend to rank higher in search engines because they can be used by readers to learn more about the topic that they are searching for. While every page cannot be an authority page, you can link to them to help other pages improve their search engine ranking.

In many cases, these pages act as reference pages for important information on specific topics. Rather than re-explaining that information every time it comes up on your website, you can link to the authority page for a deeper and more thorough explanation. Search engines see pages that are linked to authority pages as more important. Chart a path through your website that brings other pages back to your authority pages to help raise the SEO for the entire website.

Work with an Agency for Help

Getting the most out of your link pages requires consistent work on keeping your website updated and connecting new content to your existing content. This can be a difficult process, but you can get help from an agency that specializes in content development and SEO. At KitelyTech, we have teams that specialize in raising website SEO through content development and link management. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss how we can help you improve the links on your website.

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