Top 5 Legal Issues Impacting Mobile App Development in 2021

Jan 21
Issues Impacting Mobile App Development

There are quite a number of legal issues that impact mobile app development. Although there are solutions and things that can be done to prevent these issues, they do not happen without intentional planning. A smart mobile app company will make sure that they understand and know the legal implications impacting the development of a specific mobile app well before they start building an app. In this short article, we discuss the five top legal issues that impact mobile app development in 2021. 

Intellectual Property Rights

If you are developing mobile apps for business purposes, one of the legal issues that impact mobile app development is intellectual property.  Intellectual property rights are there to ensure that what we create is not copied and used illegally. It is important that mobile app developers make sure they protect their intellectual rights properly because a single mistake can put them out of business and cost them their job. For example, they might receive a written notice, such as a cease and desist letter demanding to stop developing or distributing the mobile app. When you hire a contractor, employee, or firm to create a mobile app for your company, it is imperative that it is clear that your company retains ownership of the mobile application in writing.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Independent contractor agreements have become the norm for modern business, especially as many companies have started to outsource their mobile apps and other technologies to independent contractors who are capable of completing the job on time and within a given budget. The first step in creating these agreements is to define the services being offered by the independent contractors and the scope of their independent work. This will help the company to come up with the appropriate contractual terms. These terms should take into consideration the legal requirements and should also be designed in a manner that will ensure both the company and the contractor to deliver the services they have agreed to during the contract period. This is vital to avoid any contract disputes in the future.. 

Independent contractors, employees, and mobile app development companies are all different and should not be used interchangeably. All need separate agreements and have varying expectations of your working relationship to consider. Contractors should not be treated as employees and so forth. 

App Store Requirements

Each app store, such as the Apple app store and the Google Play store, has its own legal requirements that mobile app developers must follow. The reason for Apple’s strict requirements and terms, while notoriously opaque to this date, is that it simply wanted to guarantee quality apps for its iPhone and iPad device users. 

For example, to start developing an app for Apple’s iOS devices, developers need to create a signing policy and app store license, which will grant them the exclusive rights to sell and distribute their applications on the iPhone and iPad platforms. The signing policy contains the developer’s contact information, business name, website, product description, and estimated monthly sales volume, as well as a link that will allow them to submit their application for review in the app store. In order to submit their app for review, developers need to register their primary email address along with a unique URL for their app. Once the application is approved, the developer then enters their personal identification number, business address, and product description. Apple does not accept all mobile apps into its app store.

Data Protection and Security

It is a legal requirement to protect any data you may collect in the course of business transactions whether that data is stored on-line or off-line. Data security is defined as when any information you collect is protected from unintentional destruction or intentional misuse. This includes any form of electronic device, network, or server of electronic equipment (such as your home internet), even from a mobile app. There are legal challenges associated with how best to implement data security in mobile apps based on the different types of mobile devices that consumers use today.

Today, it is vital to protect data security in all forms from data breaches and the many legal challenges they may present. This is done through best practices and the implementation of protective measures that ensure data security in all forms and accesses. You should implement strong and complex security features in your app and every other feature should have strong and complex authentication. Every user should also be required to update their passwords regularly so that it becomes difficult for hackers and unauthorized access to get into your app.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for mobile apps are a crucial aspect of mobile application development. Companies offering mobile apps help their clients understand the legal requirements related to mobile apps and help them prepare the necessary documents. However, understanding and knowing the terms and conditions for mobile apps in each respective country is crucial in ensuring compliance.

Most of these legislations seek to protect consumers from the risks posed by developing mobile apps and give them rights to use the apps. The regulatory bodies and laws pertaining to mobile app development in different parts of the country are also available on the internet. To avoid any confusion, it is advisable to choose a mobile application development company that provides help with all the legal formalities required and has a legal status of its own.

Mobile apps are more popular than ever. Companies, universities, non-profits, and government agencies all invest in app development to grow, engage, and educate customers. As a result, more regulations and concerns impact development now than ever before. At KitelyTech, we build compliant mobile apps that address common legal issues and help you publish successful mobile apps. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to learn more about our mobile app development services or to get a quote.

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