It’s The Best Time For Doctors to Add Telehealth Services

May 26
Online telemedicine session

Now more than ever, healthcare services are central to how people live their lives. Getting the help that you need from a doctor is easier than ever thanks to telehealth services. However, the majority of healthcare facilities are reluctant to offer telehealth services stating technology, resources, and a lack of patient interest as the key reasons why it is not a viable option. Circumstances have changed and telehealth has become a promising part of the future of healthcare. These are the reasons why it’s the best time for doctors to add telehealth services. 

Skyrocketing Demand for Telehealth Services

Telehealth is growing at a surprising rate. Even before modern pandemics and rising healthcare costs, there was still a need for telehealth services. There are large segments of the population that are underserved because of rising healthcare costs and limited access to medical resources. One of the key benefits of telehealth is that it is easy to access medical care without major interruptions to your day or resource requirements that you might not have. 

For example, parents would have to take time off of work to take kids to the doctor when they are sick. Rather than doing that, it is possible to see a doctor when they get home from work, using a telehealth system. It requires less travel, less of a time commitment, and more flexible availability. The same can be a benefit for seniors who cannot drive or patients that cannot safely leave their homes. 

The demand for telehealth services is skyrocketing due to changes in how people live their lives. Face-to-face communications platforms are also changing how people communicate. As more people become comfortable with these technologies and methods of communication, they grow more accepting of the idea of telehealth replacing in-person doctor visits. 

The Technology is Everywhere

One of the biggest hindrances to the spread of telehealth services is the availability of technology. Mobile and computing technologies are everywhere and most people have access to some form of digital communication. Because of this, telehealth companies can develop software that is needed for secure and clear communication rather than having to develop a full device to facilitate services. 

This is the path that many telehealth companies are taking to reach a wider audience. Now, all it takes is a quick app download on a device or a visit to a website to access a secure system where you can schedule and have appointments with a doctor. With the infrastructure in place, doctors can easily add telehealth services to their practices, while expanding their customer base. 

It is Supported by Medicare and Medicaid

Seniors are particularly vulnerable when it comes to healthcare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) supports telehealth because it is more accessible and cost-effective for seniors. Telehealth reduces seniors’ costs by eliminating travel expenses and lowers healthcare provider costs by reducing their overhead costs for offices. 

From both sides of services, there are benefits for seniors. CMS telehealth services are being added to Medicare and Medicaid so that they will be covered under both plans. Doctors should take advantage of this to reduce costs and make Medicare and Medicaid treatments more profitable while serving patients more effectively. With the number of seniors rapidly increasing, it is increasingly likely that telehealth services will be the most effective way to service the senior population and ensure that everyone gets the care that they need. 

If you are interested in learning more about telehealth services including CMS telehealth changes and telehealth technologies, contact KitelyTech today on (800) 274 2908.

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