Streamline and optimize with style: Logistics at work

Working with J.P.McMahon, KitelyTech built a logistics application from the ground up. With two versions for both mobile and desktop use, this software manages disparate sets of data while efficiently organizing logistics chains.

Software for all devices


Fully optimized for client and provider

Weather or not you’re using our software in the office or in the field a thousand miles away from anywhere, our products provide solid and complete service.

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“This software does everything for us: assigns loads to the drivers, pays the drivers, and has a database for all the stations or customers we service. There’s also a mobile application; every driver is issued an iPad and they communicate on it through a web-based portal. This software has cut down on the amount of hours my dispatchers have to spend using the software by at least 40%. That’s huge. I’m really excited about all of the additional features that they were able to give me that I didn’t have. Their solution has given us the ability to manage our operations in real-time, which is very important.”

-Jim McMahon,

Owner, J.P. McMahon Petro-Chem Transport Group

J.P. McMahon Transport Group