KitelyTech Named Top 1 per cent of Providers for 2019

Mar 26
UpCity Excellence Award 2019

The KitelyTech team is thrilled to announce we have been selected as a 2019 recipient for one of the most prestigious honors in the tech world: the UpCity Excellence Award!

UpCity Excellence Award 2019

Every year, this honor is bestowed upon the top 1% of “service providers in the UpCity marketplace”. Chosen from hundreds of thousands of agencies listed on this revered, independent third-party website, “the awards celebrate the providers with the highest customer satisfaction and brand integrity based on their UpCity Rating, a proprietary scoring mechanism that helps to determine an agency’s ‘recommendability’ to businesses looking for marketing service providers.” Click to learn more about the Excellence Awards process and methodology.

KitelyTech is a full-service tech company that works with businesses from established Fortune 100s to fledgling startup SMBs, on projects from one-off logos to multi-year software customization.

Humble Beginnings

In 2009, serial entrepreneur Jason White set out to start a technology company that not only supported his personal projects, but would challenge the technology world to raise the bar by providing top-notch customer service, transparent communication, and a team capable of both engineering complex software and developing a beautiful user interface. Jason founded, and now acts as the CEO of KitelyTech, a Chicago-based technology company that delivers software projects worldwide to customers ranging from startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

KitelyTech thrives in environments where our team can harness the reliability and consistency of technology as a renewable resource to improve the efficiency of clients’ processes, often in novel and unexpected ways.

While a tremendous strategy resource for startups, the KitelyTech leadership team’s vision extends well beyond SMBs, and KitelyTech is most familiar with managing projects for multi-billion-dollar companies. From developing a clinical testing management system (CTMS) for a multinational pharmaceutical company to an extensive, secure intra-company communication and legal document transmission system to mobile applications downloaded by users worldwide, there is no project too big or complex for KitelyTech to successfully complete. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the many situations in which other Chicago tech companies take on a complex project that surpasses their skillset, and so they bring KitelyTech in as a partner to take the lead on the project.

Delivering to Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations While Giving Back to Startups

The KitelyTech management team of Jason White, Ronak Shah, and Aakash Goyal are looking forward to the opportunity to offer the newly minted “Startup Scholarship Program” to startups that may not yet have access to the requisite capital. The program is aimed at startups that will benefit from the firm’s IT expertise while helping them to save money as they begin their entrepreneurial journey.

As KitelyTech CTO Aakash Goyal shared, “Because we all understand how difficult it can be to transform a dream into reality, we are thrilled to begin this scholarship program right away. We, the founders of KitelyTech, all started out with just a dream, and we understand the challenges that come with beginning something new. Our team is dedicated to the growth and success of our clients, and we believe that this Startup Scholarship Program will provide that opportunity to even more startups.” The entire management team is committed to providing startup firms with the skills they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment.

The tech world is excited about the Startup Scholarship Program that KitelyTech has created. Startups that are looking for real-world guidance that provides actionable results have relied on the team at KitelyTech to provide the necessary insight to grow from intangible dream to profitable firm, and now even more companies will have the opportunity to gain from KitelyTech’s world-class advisement.

KitelyTech has successfully delivered software and technology projects for firms ranging from shoestring startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Their domain knowledge puts them ahead of the pack in the technology industry, and their passion for IT is what fuels their dedication and success. Companies seeking guidance from entrepreneurs who know how to succeed, but do not yet possess the necessary capital, will benefit from the Startup Scholarship Program as they flesh out their business concept and model, perfect their business plan, and get their business off the ground. Lower costs and shorter development times — coupled with high quality designers, developers, and project managers — grant scholarship recipients with an expedited MVP delivery date at a reduced hourly rate, supplemented with best-in-class consultation.

Innovative design and streamlined development are the two pillars on which KitelyTech focuses, all at cost savings from scholarship participants. The entire team is focused on sharing their expertise with new startups because we remember the challenges that we faced as we started on our founders’ journey. To find out if your company has what it takes to qualify for our competitive program, apply today.

About KitelyTech

KitelyTech is a full-service digital operation that provides the insight and innovation that startups need to get up and running. With locations in Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, and Austin we are well-positioned to serve clients on regional, national, and international levels. The services that we offer include, but are not limited to: web development, web design, mobile application development, software development, web & SaaS applications, Salesforce, reporting and data analysis, quality assurance, graphic design, infrastructure management, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain development, SEO (local SEO and franchise SEO), content writing, conversion optimization, app store optimization, online marketing, PPC management, and display advertising.

Excellence Award Mission

UpCity writes that, with the Excellence Award, they hope to “further [their] mission to create and empower successful relationships between business owners and the best marketing professionals.”

Call (800) 274 2908 or email us at today for a free quote on any or all of your business’s endeavors. Who better to handle your company’s next project than KitelyTech: a firm rated in the top 1% of tech agencies nationwide?

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