Innovative Link Building Techniques to Follow in 2021

Feb 2
Innovative Link Building Techniques

Getting backlinks is an important part of improving your search engine ranking and expanding your presence within an industry. While there is a tried and true method of doing this, the fact is that it is getting harder to get enough backlinks. You may need to try some unconventional strategies to see results in 2021. In this article, we discuss several innovative link building techniques to follow in 2021. 

Make Headlines in Strange Ways

There is a defined best practices way to get backlinks without running into legal or ethical issues. In 2020, you can turn that process on its head (sparingly) to make headlines in strange ways. Although you have to be careful of the type of publicity that you receive, the backlinks that you generate can be a major benefit to your company.

One way companies like to do this is by creating April Fools jokes involving their products or services. Some companies will develop a fake product that will get their audience interested. This product gets the full pre-launch treatment with mockups, press releases, and other marketing practices. In the end, the product is revealed to be fake when it never launches. Although this can leave customers disappointed, the backlinks that you generate from the marketing and the reveal can have a major impact on your ranking. 

It is important to make sure that the product that you make avoids legal issues and is good-natured. Some companies have even found that there is a strong market for the fake product and later decided to make it. If you do this right, you could end up finding a new avenue for your business to travel down. 

Solve Problems in Your Industry

Every industry has problems that need to be solved. If you are able to solve them, or at least provide a new way of looking at them, then you may be able to generate backlinks for your efforts. Problems in an industry can be just about anything. For example, facts that are “well known” but are not actually true can be found in just about every industry. If you can show others that you have a unique perspective on these types of problems, they will be interested in what you have to say. When other industry businesses look for and write about solutions or develop training, they can link to your work as a reference. 

For this to be successful, you have to target a problem that is well known and widespread. If the problem does not apply to a large segment of the industry, you may not be able to generate interest. Focus on problems that are both common and difficult to solve. Even if your solution is not 100% perfect, your attempt to solve the problem can bring some attention. 

Engage Organizations with Special Domains

Search engines love to use different domain types to sort their findings. This often means that your .com site won’t be compared against .co or .edu sites. If you can get backlinks on sites that have extensions other than .com, you could gain an advantage in SEO. 

Getting these backlinks won’t be an easy task as you need to engage organizations in a way that creates some type of lasting value. That way, those organizations will be willing to engage too and create links for your website. For example, getting the attention of an educational institution may get you backlinks on .edu sites. These sites tend to rank highly in search engines. 

When you do try to engage with other organizations, make sure that you offer a type of value that they are interested in. If you can offer real-world experience and value in fields related to what they offer, then you have a higher chance of sparking a partnership.

Create Free Tools

There are many fields of interest and study that require intense learning to do many of the things needed to really participate in those fields. For most people, they don’t have the time or desire to learn those skills, like complex math, to be able to enjoy a particular field of study. If you create free tools for people to use to bypass these problems, then you stand a good chance of people in the industry linking to your website and the tool. 

The key is to develop a tool that provides value by helping someone overcome the thing that is stopping them from advancing. For example, complex math is involved in a wide range of pursuits. Most people don’t have the skills (or that haven’t used those skills since high school) to do the math themselves. Build a tool that can do the math for them, and they will refer others to that same tool repeatedly. Industry writers will link to that tool when they write about how you solved this problem.

Work With a Link Building Specialist

There are companies that can help you find ways of building links and growing your network. At KitelyTech, we help you be developing link building techniques and helping you implement those plans so that you can grow your business continuously. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss how we can help you.

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