What Makes a First-Rate Mobile App Development Company?

Jul 22
mobile app development

Business all over the world are beginning to understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. Even more so, they see the value in having a user-friendly mobile app so that their customers can easily find and interact with them. During the first half of 2019, Sensor Tower reports that “global app revenue reached $39 billion, a 15% increase from last year.”

It’s not easy selecting a mobile app developer to create the type of app that will represent your company’s brand the way you want it to. Not every mobile application development company is created the same nor do they all have the same skill and experience required to take your brand to the next level with an exception mobile app product. A lot of hard work, planning, and communication into building the right team to become a top mobile app development company in Austin.

While not all app companies are created equal, the best mobile app development companies in Austin share a few things in common.

Has a Living, Working Portfolio

It’s one thing to list off a bunch of companies and brands you have worked with. It’s quite another to link to those brands, showing the mobile app you created for that brand. While reviewing testimonials is a good thing, visit the applications that your potential mobile app developer has worked on. Play around on different apps in their portfolio and check for ease of use, design, attractiveness. The best app developers will have mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile.

A Solid Product Development Process

The best mobile app development companies have an established process of getting things done efficiently. Developing the right processes and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of a team is a quality that comes with experience.

Skills to Develop Cross-Platform Applications

It’s highly unlikely that your target audience uses only Android or iOS. Dzone Mobile says “that there are more users on the Google Play store. However, the App Store users spend more time actually using the apps and being engaged.” Hiring just an Android app developer or an iOS app development company would likely be a grave mistake. You will need to hire a mobile app development company who can create a stellar mobile app that will work on multiple mobile platforms. The top mobile app development companies will use their versatility reach your target group across both platforms.

Having a Great UX/UI Skillset

Being able to develop a high-quality user interface and user experience is an absolute must. You want to reach as many of your target audience as possible. It’s not enough for an app to just function. Every day a new app pops up in the app store or the Google Play store. You want to make sure your app is the most visually pleasing, exquisitely designed, easy to use, and runs efficiently.

Stays Up to Date on the Popular Programming Languages

No matter which industry you work in, if you want to be the best, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in your field. That’s what the top mobile application developers in Austin do. Tech companies like KitelyTech value innovation and stay abreast of popular trends in programming languages like Python, PHP, C#, JavaScript and so many more.

They Are Team Players

Experience plus communication equals a stellar team who works well together as if part of an engine. Each team member is an intricate part and does not function well without communicating with the other. Not only do they work well together, but they work well with their clients. Granted, not every client is the right fit for a mobile app developer, because their company values may differ. However, top mobile app designers are able to work with practically anyone and will have a team leader who will be the main point of contact for the client.

Has the Necessary Qualifications

Having extensive experience backed up by a degree and updated certifications will be a unique selling point for a developer in a sea of self-taught developers looking to build up their clientele. With experience comes the knowledge of being able to make valuable recommendations to your project that will enhance its overall design and benefit your business and brand. When vetting a potential mobile app developers to create an app that will be a reflection of your brand, do not skimp over the importance of accredited credentials.

They Prioritize Security

With the overabundance of applications with security leaks happening lately, the top mobile developers are focused on improved security measures in their projects to keep user data safe from leaks. They take quality assurance seriously, testing the app for any discrepancies, recommending improvements and giving the final “Okay” if the product is ready or halting release until the mobile app passes their rigorous testing.

They Aren’t Just Mobile App Developers

The best mobile app development companies wear many hats, including graphic design, marketing, SEO specialists, infrastructure management, and more. They will have a team to handle various tasks like the inner workings of a clock, all working as a team to produce a stellar mobile application that will make your brand proud.

As I said before, no two mobile application developers are created the same, but the best of the best share the qualities mentioned above that separate them from the rest of the pack. Innovation, strategy, teamwork, experience are incredibly important traits when looking for a first-rate mobile app development company.

Let’s recap. The top mobile app developers:

  • have a portfolio of live work
  • have a tried and true strategy for project completion
  • aren’t just Android mobile app developers, but experienced in developing apps on multiple platforms
  • value innovation and staying ahead of the competition by staying up to date on the latest programming languages
  • value teamwork and communication with their clients, keeping them informed throughout the project
  • have the updated certifications and credentials to fortify their knowledge and experience
  • are adamant about creating a secure product
  • and has multiple teams who can focus on different aspects of the project to produce an exceptional, high-quality mobile app for your brand.

Don’t settle for just any developer. If you value your brand, you will want to select the professional team who will elevate your business and brand to the next level.

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