Five Features of Modern Chatbots That Are Good For Businesses

May 11
Modern Chatbots

Custom chatbots are the perfect solution for modern enterprises that want to automate and optimize their customer service operations. These chatbots are designed to cater to a specific business’s needs, requirements, and branding. Custom chatbot development takes into account the unique needs of each business and incorporates machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to create an intuitive chatbot. This article will explore custom chatbot development for modern enterprises, the benefits of having one, and how they can revolutionize business operations.


Chatbots have evolved to a level previously thought unreachable with the development of new models like ChatGPT. One of the features that they can now rely on is automation. More specifically, chatbots are able to automate many of the communication and administrative tasks used to run companies. 

For example, ChatGPT can write emails and send them if you give them the right prompt. You can also set up systems where chatbots are notified of specific events, and they can respond accordingly. Companies are beginning to use chatbots to automate communications with customers, as well as using them to automate administrative tasks. The benefit is giving staff members more time to complete special tasks while chatbots handle the more mundane parts of work. 

Human-Like Conversations

Chatbots were designed to communicate with customers and system users, but they always lacked something in the way of being able to hold a conversation. Modern chatbots are now better than they have ever been at holding human-like conversations. 

This is because the technology behind them has drastically improved due to the development of AI and machine learning platforms. Now, they can hold conversations where it is difficult to tell if there is a human on the other end. 

This goes beyond just being able to respond to questions. Modern chatbots can sense the tone of the conversation, generate what to say, and deliver it in a way that accurately reflects how a customer service agent would respond.

For businesses, this means that more of the customer service process can be handed over to chatbots. They are capable of serving as the first line of communication with customers, triaging their problems, and even solving them to some extent without the help of an agent. 

Translation to Multiple Languages

Chatbots have become multilingual tools since they have access to databases for multiple languages at a time. When communicating with customers, it can be very frustrating to overcome language barriers. A chatbot that can not only speak, but also understand multiple languages, which is an invaluable tool for providing customer service. Now, customers can get help in whichever language they are most comfortable speaking without experiencing a less effective customer experience. 

Third-Party Integration

Companies build their IT ecosystems using cloud-based third-party apps. Your chatbot can seamlessly integrate with those third-party systems so that they can do more. 

For example, a chatbot can submit a support ticket directly to the project management system when it integrates with the third-party ticket management system. Scheduling appointments using a scheduling app is also a common use for chatbots since it allows customers to schedule times directly onto your calendar. 

No-Code Development and Setup

One of the biggest changes to chatbot technology that is having far-reaching effects is the move toward no-code development and setup. Businesses often struggle with their IT systems because they need to keep people on staff to manage them. Not every company has developers, and waiting for a developer to finish the installation is difficult. 

No-code platforms make it possible to set up and install chatbots without knowledge of coding. Many technology platforms are making this switch since it opens up technology to non-technical people. With a chatbot that you don’t have to code to install or maintain, any business can leverage the new chatbot capabilities to improve their services. 

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Chatbots are developing at an accelerated pace now, and keeping up can be difficult without the right help. At KitelyTech, we work with companies to develop the latest technologies to help their businesses. Call us at (800) 274-2908 to make sure your chatbots are up-to-date and ready for anything. 

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