The Most Common e-Commerce Questions, Answered

Mar 28

E-commerce stores are great for all sorts of businesses, even those that have traditionally only had a physical location. They offer the chance to quickly boost a company’s profit margins and reduce the large overhead costs associated with running a physical store. However, the world of e-commerce can be confusing for those with less experience in building and running them. So, to help you out, here are the most common e-commerce questions, answered.

How will people find my store?

There are multiple ways that people can find an online store. In fact, it is often cheaper, easier, and more effective to drive customers to an online store than a physical one. Here are some great ways you can try out to generate visitors:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Search engine traffic (SEO)
  • Word of mouth
  • Physical marketing
  • Email marketing

Am I able to adjust my product range?

Simply put, yes! Adding products to your e-commerce store should be a breeze. As long as the site architecture is solid and you use good e-commerce software integration, you can quickly and easily upload as many products as you want. You can fully customize these products with content, multimedia, and customer reviews. You can also update stock levels and any discounts. The full range of features will depend on the web agency you decide to go with when building the store.

How do I ensure my store is safe and secure?

You should ensure your site takes all necessary measures to encrypt customer data so that it can’t be hacked. You can do this by installing a security certificate and using trusted and safe payment gateways.

Will I need a shopping cart?

If your store is set to sell multiple products, then yes, you should include a shopping cart. This allows customers to add as many products as they wish, and then add or remove products before they actually make their final purchase.

How will I know if an order has been placed?

You should receive some form of notification, usually by email. However, this will depend on the e-commerce solution you use. Speak to your design agency about setting up a suitable system to notify you when orders have been placed. If you sell digital products, then you can even set up automatic shipping that handles the process for you.

How much will it cost to build?

The cost of building an e-commerce store can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors. This includes the size of your store, what functionality it will need, what you are selling, and how professional you want it to be. It is often advised that you do not choose the cheapest provider around as it may not include the right responsiveness across all device or offer the same level of security. A general rule of thumb for the average, well-designed and well-developed e-commerce store is $24,000 – $42,000.

Building your first e-commerce store can be a daunting prospect, and that’s why it’s best to bring in the help of an experienced web agency. Here at KitelyTech, we have years of experience building online stores for all kinds of businesses. We know the ins and outs of e-commerce and are happy to assist new businesses in getting started by creating a bespoke store for you to sell from. We will also be there to support you with any questions you have and helping to get your store off the ground. To find out more about the exact service we could offer you, contact our friendly team today.

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