.NET Frameworks For Web Development in 2020

Sep 27
.NET Frameworks For Web Development

Technology changes constantly, but there are some that stay relevant for a long time. Although it was developed in 2003, few technologies have stayed relevant like .NET frameworks. With new releases and a core technology that can stand the test of time, .NET technologies are among the leading choices for used for web development projects today.

As .NET changes and develops, there are new frameworks released often. Established businesses and startups rely on .NET web development to drive their operations online. Here are some of the .NET frameworks that you should use for web development in 2020.

.NET Core

The recently released .NET Core is the latest .net framework made by Microsoft to revamp .NET Technologies for 2020 and beyond. Since its release, it has become one of the most popular .NET frameworks available. Microsoft went out of its way to ensure that developers could thrive using .NET Core and its stack.

The reason why .NET Core is widely accepted and popular is because of what is included in it. Microsoft packed in as much technology as they could without compromising quality. It has access to multiple languages, tools, and design frameworks that makes it extremely versatile. On top of that, it makes it easier to deploy and integrate with existing systems. For companies with existing assets, it is a major benefit to not have to implement a new system and refactor existing assets.

.NET Core also has functionality for cloud-based systems. The implementation of cloud technology has changed how businesses operate. Having access to off-site resources dramatically increases the resources and possibilities for remote work and redundancy security. .NET Core is designed to work with these technologies so that companies will not have problems implementing .NET Core into their existing systems. Among the long list of features in .NET Core, you can find support for HTTP/2 to ensure that it is compatible with other highly-desired new frameworks.

.NET 5

Apps are becoming the standard for how companies want to develop their online assets. Rather than creating multiple assets that stand alone, they want a single application that can function the same on every system. .NET makes this easier since it is designed to create rich applications that function on and off-line. In fact, companies are choosing it more often in the .NET vs ASP.NET choice because of the other ways that it can function.

.NET is becoming more versatile with the adoption of .NET 5. Its most prominent feature is that it can migrate your work to other platforms. With a more modular setup, it is easier to create web applications that meet company needs without needing to continuously reinvest in new technologies to make programs function.

Another potential benefit is that other programs are beginning to adopt .NET 5 as a part of their core platform. This can lead to better specialization for programs and systems that you may use. Having multiple technology options available can make it easier to create systems with multiple technologies or choose other options that still benefit from .NET 5 development.


Going forward, systems may be driven by machine learning. Everyone understands that having more information about customers can lead to more effective product development and advertising. Machine learning lets systems learn from experience and adapt to customers needs more effectively, which is why companies want to find new ways to implement machine learning (ML) in their web applications.

This is why microsoft developed ML.NET. It combines the robust features of .NET technology with the cutting edge abilities of machine learning. With it, companies can develop web apps that stealthily learn how their users want to interact with the app, and make adjustments to make the user experience (UE) better. The effect is subtle, but it can be the key to maximizing customer interaction and providing the best possible experience for users. Combined with the utility and benefits of .NET web applications, any company can develop a significant advantage in engaging customers.

Choosing .NET for Your Projects

As a whole, the web development industry continues to embrace .NET as a viable framework for projects, although there are groups that still reject it in favor of newer options. It can be argued that .NET is a great choice because of its long established history. There are many iterations of the .NET system as well as multiple frameworks that you can choose from to meet your needs. Plus, it is still used to make some of the best-performing systems for businesses. Take advantage of all that .NET has to offer to make your next project a success.

The key to successful .NET web development is finding a partner that can help you. At KitelyTech, we do web development projects with a variety of technologies including .NET frameworks. Our team has extensive experience creating web applications, web sites, and other systems that can help your company improve its online presence. Call our office at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your next .NET development project.

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